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With a new baby, comes the worry about keeping them safe and healthy. Flu season is one time that moms really worry about this, especially. Along with keeping them healthy, moms worry about putting products on their baby’s skin that may cause irritation. Organic baby products are one way you can make sure you are using a safe option.

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Mother’s Therapy Organics has come to the rescue in the flu season and any season with their line of products geared towards the mom with this in mind.

I tried out Hand Sanitizer, Baby Lotion and Germ-Fight’n Hand Lotion from Mother’s Therapy Organics. I was really happy that the scents were not only mind, but also refreshing and natural smelling.

The Hand Sanitizer is scented in cucumber and smells just like a cool glass of cucumber water. It didn’t have the heavy alcohol scent that most sanitizers have. It dried quickly and left behind a smooth feeling on my hands, not a dry one that is typical with these kinds of sanitizers.

The Baby Lotion was a nice, calm scent and smelled of chamomile. I thought it was more of a cream rather than a lotion because it was thick. Since I tend to go for creams more because of their thickness, I really enjoyed this. My skin felt silky-smooth after just one application. It was gentle and mild.

The Germ Fight’n Hand Lotion was my favorite by far of the three products I tried. I love the idea of a lotion and sanitizer combo, especially in the winter when dry skin and illnesses are a problem. It had the same cucumber scent and left behind smooth skin with no alcohol smell.

One of the key things I liked about Mother’s Therapy Organics was the ability to actually read the ingredients on the back. There were no strange, unpronounceable chemicals and everything was easily spelled out. I like knowing what I am putting on my skin and with a baby’s delicate skin, I would love that peace of mind as well.

Mother’s Therapy Organics come with a very reasonable price-tag as well. Unlike many organic products with a price that is often out of budget, Mother’s Therapy Organics are in the mid-range price with a travel size hand sanitizer costing less than $4 each.

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  1. These look awesome! My baby is 3 now, but I still carry a bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse at all times – I think it’s a great idea at any age. And I LOVE the smell of cucumber anything!
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  2. i always keep hand sanitizer in my bag- this one looks good!
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