Mr. Chewy

A lot of shopping is done online these days and I love that you can pretty much buy everything you need on the web.

I love my cat as well, but to be perfectly honest, I hate lugging his food and litter inside after a trip to the store to pick up his supplies. In all honesty, sometimes they will sit ion the trunk of my car because I am too lazy or in too much pain to carry them in.

That is why I love Mr. Chewy. Mr. Chewy is an online retailer of just dog & cat food as well as treats and litter. It’s a simple sit to use and there is even 27/7 chat online with a representative.

I had never ordered from an online animal supply retailer. I was very happy when I was able to do so with Mr. Chewy. I got a huge bag of cat food, a new litter I had never tried because of price locally (it was cheaper on Mr. Chewy!) and a couple little extras like treats and litter box deodorizer!

I was very happy with how fast it came. The only thing I was not very happy about was that the box was crushed and ripped on one corner. Mac, my cat, was very happy with the box as you can see in the picture above. It was not a big deal though, because everything was in tact and inside just fine.

I love that Mr. Chewy carries a huge selection of cat food. To be honest, I didn’t even look at the Dog side of the website because I do not own a dog. I saw so many different types of cat food from the moderate price range to higher end. I noticed Mr. Chewy carries even prescription foods for animals with special diets.

Another great feature of the website is that you can sign up for automatic delivery. You will never have to worry about running out of food or hauling it in your house from the car again!

For your favorite little furballs, make sure you save your back and make life easier by checking out all that Mr. Chewy has to offer! Right now you get FREE shipping on any order over $49.95!

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