My BIG announcement!

If you have been reading my blog recently, you will see a little post on my breasts.
In this post I talk about how having large breasts has really given me a hard time and actually caused tremendous health issues.

Well, I have an announcement:

I will be consulting with a plastic surgeon on the 12th of July this year to talk about getting a reduction. This has been in the works for several years as I have been gathering medical evidence.

I needed to gather medical evidence for insurance purposes. I have seen several types of Doctors to address the many aspects of larger breast size in relation to my health.

~My regular provider, Sandy P. FNP has been so wonderful to me. She has gotten the ball rolling on all of this and she has been inspirational on moving forward. It is now a serious possibility because of her!

~ I saw an Orthopedic practitioner and she recommended I get a reduction because of the way my back is curving

~A chiropractor recommend it as well because of the way my neck is curving forward.

~I had a doctor several years back tell me that I needed to consider it because of skin issues I struggle with in that area.

~A Doctor of sleep medicine suggested it because I actually have trouble breathing at night because of their size

~A respiratory therapist and pulmonary doctor recommend it because I don’t actually have asthma. I just have a difficult time breathing because of the weight of them on my chest.

Did you know that breast tissue weighs approximately 1 lb for each cup size? Since I am an H, that means mine weigh 10 lbs each! That is 20 lbs on my chest all day and all night. It’s no wonder I have issues with breathing and that it is causing serious back, neck and shoulder issues.

I have to admit, although I am excited, I am scared. This is a major surgery with a very pain-filled recovery (or so I have heard).

Wish me luck on this journey. You know I will keep my blog readers informed!


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