My favorite comfort food

I make this for my family and they love it. I have fine tuned it and I think this is the best way, but you can add whatever ingredients that your family enjoys as it is incredibly versatile. It is also my “go-to” dish when money is tight because it can generally be made for under 12-13 dollars and feeds a LOT! You will need: A large package of Velveeta style cheese, A large box of noodles, any style besides long (spaghetti type), One ham-steak, 1 box frozen Asparagus, About a 1/2 cup milk, White pepper to taste, A cup of shredded cheese (Sharp cheddar), A 1/2 cup Parmesan

How to: 1. Start noodles to boil 2. While noodles are boiling, start cubing the ham steak and Velveeta 3. About half heat (thaw) the asparagus 4. When noodles are cooked and drained, Add them back to the pot. Add milk and Velveeta and stir consistently on medium heat until cheese is melted. Add ham steak, continue stirring. 5. Add asparagus, keep stirring and incorporating ingredients. Sprinkle with White pepper to taste and add other cheeses and melt. 6. Serve with topped with a bit of shredded cheese 🙂 ENJOY!


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