Natural Pain Relief

Since I suffer from some chronic pain issues, and I am leery of taking too many pain medications due to lots of allergies. I have found ways to help my pain by taking supplements or using more natural ways to heal.

Did you know your kitchen holds a lot of natural pain relief in it? It is true! Many things we wouldn’t even think of for pain relief lie in our very own kitchens.

Natural Pain Relief Tips

Try some of these tips out for natural pain relief  the next time you feel pain instead of reaching for that bottle of over the counter pain relief. They just might surprise you!

  • For toothaches, try cloves. Simply gently chew on a whole clove and you can find pain relief for up to two hours.
  • If you suffer from headaches or joint pain, try eating a small bowl of cherries daily. The same compound that makes cherries have their bright red color also works as a powerful pain reliever!
  • Eat fish or at least take fish oil supplements. I used to brush it off when someone told me it would actually help, but I started taking it years ago for daily joint pain and it helps a lot. It does take a while to take effect, but it helps, trust me. Bonus! Fish oil is good for your heart.
  • Soak your feet in salt water to ease ingrown toenails, and other foot pain.
  • If you have stomach issues, you may not think eating a pineapple, which is acidic would help but it does. Pineapples can help ease painful bloating and stomach cramps.
  • For an extra pain relieving and relaxing back rub, try adding a few drops of pure peppermint extract to your lotion and be amazed at how relaxed it makes you and your tired muscles feel.
  • If you are stopped up with sinus pain and pressure, try horseradish. Simply enjoy it on your favorite foods for a couple days and watch the pressure disappear.
  • Honey has some amazing medical uses for pain. It can be great also for dry skin. Make sure you check out my post on amazing uses for honey.
  • Have you ever looked at a bottle of over the counter headache pain medication? It often contains caffeine.  Caffeine is actually a very powerful pain reliever! Try a cup of coffee the next time a headache creeps in.

Please note, I am not a Doctor and I have no medical training so take what I say as just suggestions for natural pain relief and always ask a medical professional about your pain.

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