Natural Ways to Relieve Congestion

It may be coming close to the end of the cold and flu season, but unfortunately that means the allergy season is just around the corner. For many people, this is also a time of sniffles and sneezes as well as a ride of the congestion train. While there are many over the counter and prescription medications that can handle allergies, many of them come with intolerable side effects as well and leave you looking for an alternative form of relief. While I am not a doctor or medical professional, I have dealt with allergies all my life attributed to hay fever so I have many natural relievers up my sleeve. Here are some natural ways to relieve congestion.



Natural Ways to Relieve Congestion


Take a hot shower with essential oils– When I feel the congestion first start sinking in, my first line of defense is often a shower. I take a steaming hot shower (as hot as I can stand without burning) and plug up the tub. I then add a few drops of lavender and eucalyptus essential oil to the water below me. When the tub is nearly full, I sit in it and keep the shower curtain and bathroom door shut and just allow the steam to do its magic.

Make Sinus Bombs for your sink– Making sinus bombs is super easy and you can do it well ahead of time and have them ready for congestion days. Just make sure you keep them in an air-tight container.

Use a Neti pot and flush your sinuses– A Neti Pot is an old fashioned remedy for congestion and sinus trouble and while strange to use at first, it is pretty effective as well. Although it is effective, it can be unhealthy to use if done incorrectly, so make sure to only use distilled water as tap water is not properly filtered. Also, clean your Neti pot after each use and don’t use it too often or you will over-dry your nasal passages making infections worse.

Pay attention to what you drink and eat– What you eat and drink when you are experiencing sinus congestion can have a big impact-good and bad. Stay away from dairy as it tends to make mucus thicker and make sure you are drinking plenty of extra water.

Stay elevated– While it is always advisable to rest when you are ill, make sure you keep your head elevated. this allows the sinuses to properly drain so you don’t feel as stuffed up.

Consider using ginger– Make a ginger tea and then a compress for your sinuses. Livestrong has a good recipe for a strong ginger tea to follow for this. Ginger is very pungent and spicy and can really help clear your sinuses quickly.

Try some Yoga– It may seem silly, but there are many yoga poses that you can do to relieve congestion. Check out this post on Yoga for Sick Days I wrote for Rainbeau Curves for some suggestions.

Natural Ways to Relieve Congestion- Relieve congestion naturally with these tips for sick days and for when allergy and hay fever got you down.


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