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I am always looking for new ways to love my skin again. As I have said before, my skin has been “misbehaving” since I hit my thirties and until now, I didn’t have a need for lengthy skin cleanser systems because I was very lucky and blessed with skin that was very nice, even toned and I rarely had a breakout. Yes, even as a teenager. When I would get a breakout, it was usually around my menstrual cycle and it was not good, but it wasn’t cystic acne.

Since I hit my thirties, my skin has been hating on me. Maybe it is the years of just using soap and water that are catching up with me or maybe it is just hormonal shifts, but breakouts happen frequently and my skin is no longer smooth or even-toned.

I was happy to be sent a few of the new products from the Neutrogena Naturals line to try out on my naughty skin.

I was sent Acne Spot Treatment, Acne Cream Cleanser and Acne Foaming Scrub.


What is different about Neutrogena’s Naturals collection?

Neutrogena’s Naturals collection is 93% Plant derived. This means that it contains more natural ingredients than the typical formula.




I like that the formula contains more natural ingredients than the typical acne formulas. They have a great citrus scent and this is nicely invigorating. The cream cleanser lathers up nicely and I found a small bit of smoothing out of skin from the scrub.


The first thing I noticed was burning when I applied the cream cleanser.  It seemed to intensify as it stayed on my skin longer and even lingered after I washed it off. It was almost painful. I saw that my face got red and blotchy after. The Acne Spot Treatment worked fast. I found that it cleared up a forming pimple in less than 2 days, however, it dried out the skin, leaving flakiness in it’s path.


I would not recommend this line to those that have sensitive skin. I found that although it cleaned well, it irritated also.

To purchase:

Please check out the full line of products on the Neutrogena website and also use the coupon for $1 off Neutrogena Naturals both online and in store.

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