10 Uses for Magic Erasers

10 uses for magic erasers

10 Uses for Magic Erasers

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know what a “Magic Eraser” is. I was skeptical years ago when I tried them out but within minutes, I realized why they were called Magic. They really do clean just about anything and they helped me get rid of stains and messes I wasn’t able to get rid of before but had been driving me up a wall.

One thing to keep in mind with Magic Erasers is, though, they are NOT Eco-Friendly, despite what you may have heard. This is simply because they are meant to be disposable and they contain some chemicals. However, they are NOT toxic either. While I prefer to use only Eco-Friendly products, I have yet to find a product that is to my standards and works as well.

In any case, here are some uses for magic erasers that you may not have known.



Rust. It really will take off rust on just about anything. Of course it takes a bit of elbow grease, but it works wonders!

Hard water spots– Works amazing on glasses!

Clean Your Shoes– You can use magic erasers to clean the rubber parts of your shoes.

Shine your silver– It works wonders on tarnished metal!

Tough stains such as nail polish– You can use it to get these stains of just about any surface, but use caution as it can also rub off finishes.

Sales Stickers– With a little rub and some water, your stuff will be sticker gunk free.

Child’s Wall Art– Magic erasers will take off many types of writing utensils such as pencil, marker and crayon. Again use caution as it will also take off paint.

Dry Erase Boards– If you have one that is looking dingy from too much use, make it new again with a magic eraser.

Grill cleaning– Remove baked on food and grease from grill grates as well as cooking utensils.

Stains on plastic storage containers– If you are like me and reuse your food storage containers and hate the orange stains left behind by tomato based sauces, try a magic eraser in them.


If you are unsure where you can use one, do a test spot.


Money Saving tip:

Magic Erasers can be kind of pricey. Did you know there is a generic alternative? Magic Erasers are made fo something called melamine foam. It was originally developed as an insulator. You can buy large quantities of melamine foam on Amazon for as low as a quarter each!


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