Ozeri Fresco Salt & Pepper Mill

I love kitchen gadgets and Ozeri makes a lot of them!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try the Ozeri Fresco Salt and Pepper mill set.  I loved that this set was two separate pieces and they both fit nicely in my kitchen. Stainless steel styled items are my favorite for kitchens because they are easy to clean and look nice and classy. I had to add rainbow peppercorns to my mill so I could how you how nice they look in it.

I found this set easy to fill. Just unscrew the top “bulb” and take the lid off, fill, and replace lid. This makes the set easy to clean as well.

For scale, I have put one in my hand so you can see that this set is not huge. I love that it is small. Just think how great this would be to take on a picnic.  No more lugging bulky large mills with you and now you can enjoy fresh salt and pepper!

This design is simple, sleek and timeless.

Ozeri has a wonderful line of kitchen products from woks to scales. Make sure you check out all they have to offer on the website!



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