Pearls for Mother’s Day

pearls for mothers day

I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Pearl Paradise again for this feature and giveaway. All opinions expressed at my own.  I want to thank them for sponsoring this post.


Pearls for Mother’s Day


Mother’s day is a very special day. We get a chance to honor the women in our life that matter most.

Did you know that this year, 2014, marks the 100th year that Mother’s day has been celebrated in the US? So not only is this a special day for our moms presently, but we get to look back and celebrate 100 years of honoring the moms and women who nurtured us, cared for us and loved us.

Because this is such a special day, I think it deserves a very special gift. To me, pearls symbolize something very precious and prized. Just like a mom, the mussel “nurturers” the pearl until it is ready to harvest. A pearl really is like a small miracle. It is made with love and a lot of time and energy. This is why I think pearls make excellent gifts for moms as they symbolize the love, sweat, tears and joy it is to be a mom and nurture others.

Pearl Paradise, a leading expert in freshwater pearls, sent me this stunning Venus Collection Tahitian Baroque Pearl Pendant for featuring on my blog. I think it would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. It is elegant and perfect for the mom who loves simplicity and elegance. It sells for just $105 on the site.
pearl paradise
If that is not your mom’s taste, there are plenty of ofter items that might fit on Pearl Paradise. They have pearls of all colors and sizes and they have everything from pendants to strands to earrings. They are all expertly selected and will arrive with a pearl care kit and certificate.


What is so special about your mom or another woman you celebrate on Mother’s day? I would love to hear about her in the comments!

8 Replies to “Pearls for Mother’s Day”

  1. My mom always puts everyone else first! Sometimes that drives me crazy as she does not take time to pamper herself. This would be a great pamper gift!

  2. My mom has always been a great support to all of us kids. We always knew that no matter what she would be there and that she loved us. I think we were lucky to have her for our mother because she is just a wonderful, kind, and funny person.

  3. Cheryl Abdelnour says: Reply

    My Mom always supported me. We talked almost everyday. She was my best friend.

  4. My Step-Mother supports my choices and accepts my children as her own grandkids she is amazing to them and loves them unconditionally even though she doesn’t “have” to. She is more accepting and loving of them and me than my own mother.

  5. mechele johnson says: Reply

    My mom special for many reasons. She has always put her children first. She came from a tough background of poverty and overcame it. She is beautiful. She is intelligent and strong, and most of all, I love her!!!!

  6. My mother deserves a medal for putting up with all my antics when I was a child.

  7. I would love to be able to give my mom this pretty pearl necklace!

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