A Pint-Sized Chef

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Chef Jack Witherspoon is not your average chef. Not only is he younger than you expect a chef to be, he is a survivor. Chef Jack Witherspoon is only 14 years old  (he just celebrated his birthday last week!) but has been cooking since he was a kindergartener. That in itself is amazing, but what is really amazing is that he has survived leukemia twice. He is currently in his third relapse and continues to cook, his true passion.

Tasteful Selections™, the company I partnered with last year to bring you great recipes like Quick Corn Chowder, is partnering with Chef Jack Witherspoon to create some awesome recipes using their bite-sized potatoes and support his cause; his permanent endowment at the Miller Children’s Hospital where he is the spokesman for the Beckstrand Foundation. The Beckstrand Foundation is a great organization that helps families pay their bills when they get cancer treatment. It is there to make them feel less stress so they can focus on healing.


Tasteful Selections™ is helping Chef Jack by teaming up with him to create some awesome recipes using their delicious bite-sized potatoes that they will promote on their website in order to bring attention to Chef Jack’s Book, “Twist it Up”. A portion of the proceeds from the book support his cause.

This is why I find it so important to support great companies like Tasteful Selections™. People matter to them. Business is not just what they can get, but what they can do for others. For more recipes from Chef Jack as well as Tasteful Selections™, make sure to check out the Tasteful Selections™ website.

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  1. Samantha Daleo says: Reply

    I like to eat them roasted, covered in butter and herbs.

  2. Rita Alarcon says: Reply

    I like potatoes – roasted on the grill with a touch of olive oil.

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