Planet LoFire Subscription Box Review

Due to requests for reviewing of subscription boxes by readers and fans, I will be reviewing as many boxes as I can in order to provide a resource for you. This will all be placed under the “subscription box reviews’ tab in the menu of my blog. Please note, unless stated, I was not paid to promote these boxes and I was not paid to review them, but in many cases I was sent a free box to facilitate the review. I am simply providing you an opportunity to see what comes in each and get excited about signing up for your own subscription. I have only agreed to work with boxes that ft my reader’s interests. All opinions are my own.

Planet LoFire Subscription Box Review

About Planet LoFire Subscription Box:

According to the website, the Planet LoFire Subscription Box is a subscription box that helps you make the move to a greener lifestyle. Each box contains items to help you become more green in one simple way in your own life, replacing at least one less planet friendly item in your home with a more earth friendly option in a DIY (including all the items you need to make it!) as well as a live plant, full size organic essential oils and a few extras. Each month there is a different theme. The box I was sent had the theme of moving to a greener option when it came to laundry. It included a way to make a linen spray. I also received wool dryer balls, some relaxing tea and an air plant with it’s own upcycled holder!


Cost of the Planet LoFire Subscription Box:

The Planet LoFire Subscription Box is $40.00 per month. It includes free shipping! This is a phenomenal deal.


Where to find more information and subscribe to the Planet LoFire Subscription Box:

You can find more information, including how to gift a subscription on the Planet LoFire Subscription Box website. Planet LoFire also gives you information on why going green is so important for us all to do, even if it’s just simple steps.


Make sure you also follow Plant Lofire on Instagram and Planet LoFire on Facebook. They literally are just launching! I am so excited to be here to help spread the word. You can also subscribe on Cratejoy.

My thoughts on the Planet LoFire Subscription Box :

Planet LoFire is extremely impressive. The quality of the items in the box is unmatched. Each item was meticulously wrapped to ensure it’s safe arrival. The live plant was my absolute favorite touch. There is no other box out there that does what Planet LoFire is trying to do. I have seen many boxes send products to introduce you to a greener lifestyle, and that is fantastic, but Planet LoFire actually helps you put that into action and see just how easy making the switch is. I loved that there was very little waste in the packaging and that the bottles came in glass, erasing all the plastic waste that is so prevalent in our society. I said it in the video and I will say it below; Planet LoFire is like my blog here in a box. Its’ about the simple ways we can all cut our carbon footprint!

My Facebook Live Unboxing of the Planet LoFire Subscription Box:


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