How to Naturally Preserve a Pumpkin


Its really close to Halloween and if you are like most people celebrating, you probably have your pumpkin and are ready to carve it. There’s nothing worse than a Jack-o-lantern that falls apart only a few days after you carve it. It’s important to learn how to preserve this gourd for as long as possible so you can get many nights of enjoyment from it.


How to Naturally Preserve a Pumpkin


1. Purchase a pumpkin you want to have around for the next couple of weeks. Make it a good one. A good pumpkin is solid, free from too many blemishes and has a good flat bottom on it.

2. Design your pumpkin with how long you want it to last in mind. A detailed pumpkin with lots of cuts will generally not last as long as one that is more simple no matter how you preserve it. If you want to do something more elaborate, do it closer to Halloween night so it still looks good. Make sure to get rid of as much of the guts and seeds as you can as this will slow down the process of decay.

3. I prefer to not use anything that is toxic to preserve (some use bleach and other chemicals) as I try to keep my home as Chemical free as possible. One method I employ is a combination of natural things that helps to keep my pumpkin as fresh as possible. I don’t carve my pumpkin any sooner than 3-4 days before Halloween.


 Use the following steps to save your Jack-O-Lantern:

Use peppermint Dr. Bronner’s Soap to make a spray that is not too concentrated or it will be too soapy. Spray all the inside surfaces. You can also just rub the soap on directly as well. Peppermint naturally guards against fungus and mold. You can use straight peppermint extract, but that could get costly.

Every day, spray your pumpkin with straight vinegar or more of the peppermint spray.

If you live where it is still warm this time of year, refrigerate your pumpkin during the day and only light it outside at night.


This natural preservation method may not last as long as ones involving the common method of bleach, but if you don’t carve your pumpkin too soon, this natural way to preserve pumpkins will work perfectly.


What are some Halloween traditions you have done with your family in the past?


How to Naturally Preserve Your Pumpkin

4 Replies to “How to Naturally Preserve a Pumpkin”

  1. We have started a new tradition of painting pumpkins instead of (or in addition to) carving them for our porch. It all started when we were in a time crunch and didn’t have enough time to cut one up, but now has become a fun, family activity each year! (Plus, it takes FOREVER to decay, so we have it long after Halloween is over!)
    Sam B. recently posted..Guardians of the Galaxy to Release on Blu-ray Combo Pack 12/9!My Profile

    1. I love painting pumpkins. We seem to never have enough time to carve and I am always doing it last minute. 🙂

  2. Awesome! I had read a bunch of articles saying to use bleach but I don’t keep bleach in my house. Then I got to thinking if I could just use Dr. Bronner’s (which is what I clean my whole house with), googled it, and you popped up! Thanks for the tips, I’m gonna go spray my pumpkins now! 🙂
    Lauren @ A Dash of Soul recently posted..Tropical Bliss Açai BowlMy Profile

    1. So glad I could help you, Lauren! I don’t keep bleach at home, either and I most definitely have a love affair with baking soda, vinegar and Dr B’s!

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