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It’s amazing how the generations before us have so much to share to help us live an awesome life. I am lucky to have had some awesome women in my life that have filled both my mind and heart with all I will need to make my way through this hard and often beautiful life.

My mom and I have not always had the most harmonious of relationships. Through all the heartache (on both of our ends) has been some major growing taking place, however. One thing my mom has always taught me has been to hold tight to family. While our relationship has had major ups and downs, one thing has always been there: family. Recently, there have been some major changes in the dynamics of my relationship with my mom. These have taken place in very emotional strides the last couple weeks. There have been tears of joy and pain, a whole lot of love and a lot of growing. It has been a change that has effected a lot of members in my family, but it is one of those things that helps as all be reminded how important family is. I am thankful for my mom bestowing this piece of pure wisdom on me.


Another woman in my life that has passed on some great wisdom was my aunt Sharon. She taught me that judgement of others is not something anyone should focus on. She loved anyone, to a fault sometimes, and she was probably the most nonjudgmental person I have met in my entire life. She truly believed everyone was worth something. Her heart was so big.


Being that all three of us-my mom, myself and my aunt before she passed-were/are type 2 diabetics, we talked about how to stay healthier a lot and my mom and I still do. It is funny that this campaign came at this time from Nestle Pure Life, because I have recently stopped drinking soda, especially after I experienced a major sugar crash at work that made me very ill, and opted for drinking more water. What is even crazier, is, the amount of weight I have lost since taking this pledge almost 2 weeks ago: 8 lbs!

Overall, I think it is extremely important to pass onto the next generation the importance of living healthy. Here are some of the things I am trying to instill in my daughter:

  • Make healthier choices. Instead of chips if you are craving something salty, try popcorn.
  • Get active, even if its just a walk or dancing in the living room, at least once a day.
  • Skip drinking pop to quench thirst at home and go for water.

I also encourage her during the summer to stay hydrated because staying hydrated is very important in the warm months. Here are some tips to stay hydrated for kids:

  • Drink water throughout the day, even more if you are going to be very active.
  • Avoid sugary or caffeine laden drinks as these don’t help and actually may dehydrate you more
  • Take time in the shade when you need to.

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For Today’s Discussion:

What is one piece of wisdom about healthy lifestyle that you share with your kids?



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