How I Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year on Organic Foods

How I Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year on Organic Foods- Wondering what the trick is to saving money on organic? Check out these tips to find out!

I started incorporating organic foods into my diet about 5 years ago. At first, I didn’t know you could actually get it for fairly cheap or even really cheap at all. I was under the false impression that organic = Expensive and there was no way around that.

Here I am 5 years later and I now know that you can save hundreds of dollars on Organic foods with just a few tricks- many of them no different than shopping for non-organic food. If you are looking to feed your family organic, here are some of my tips for saving money on organic foods.

How I Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year on Organic Foods

Shop at store like Grocery Outlet– If you are lucky enough to live where Grocery Outlet stores are (west coast), you really should check them out. They have a section called NOSH. It stands for Natural Organic Specialty and Healthy. They do bulk buys on brands that fit this and pass the savings onto you. The foods are perfectly fine, often they just changed the packaging and the brand has a bunch of stock with the old packaging. I find brands like Annie’s, Chosen Foods and Three Twins there regularly. They have everything from frozen to dry goods and often cleaners and household stuff as well. Some stuff is as much as 80% off!

Check out Farmer’s Markets during the season– I am a regular shopper of the Farmer’s Markets in my area. Luckily, there is one right down the road from me that I go to every Tuesday night. This is one of the best places to buy organic and homemade goods for a low price.

Read labels– You might be surprised, but many conventional brands are switching to non-GMO ingredients due to the demand by consumers (yay!) or they make a specific organic line so you can find some of your favorites at the same prices you have always bought them at.

Go generic– Most stores now carry an organic private label brand now. The goods are just as tasty as others I have found and they are often on sale, too, because they are store brand.

Buy in bulk– Bulk buying is good for any kind of savings at the store, but with organics it can be a great way to make it happen. Many of the bulk containers are my local store are already organic, in fact! Head to your favorite local health food store and buy in bulk to really save.

Request coupons– Many brands gladly give out coupons to consumers just for asking and there are specific brands that almost always do in the form of coupon books. Check out Mambo Sprout’s site and print off some coupons. Also, make sure you check out All Natural Savings for coupons and store match-ups.

Shop the Clean 15– If you can’t do all organic, at least shop the clean 15 and buy organic for the dirty dozen. I also save a lot by shopping the section of my local Fred Meyer that has the discount produce. Often, the produce here is organic.

Get to know your farmer– Make Friends with local farmers and bring your friends in on a great deal on organic and grass fed meat. Simply pool your money and buy a whole cow or pig! Make room in your freezer and share the savings. i a, also blessed to live near a farming community that has pick-your-own fruits and vegetables. I get organic cherries for less than $2 a pound during the season!

Buy from backyards– I buy backyard chicken eggs since I can’t have chickens of my own. (I don’t think my apartment manager would be too happy!) They are usually $2-$3 a dozen and they are so rich in color.

Skip convenience foods– Just like with conventional foods, anything bought in convenience will be more expensive. Instead, make your own granola bars or fruit leather.

Decide what’s important– If you can’t buy everything organic, then buy what’s important to you. I started out with dairy since it is not much more expensive and worked my way from there.

By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post in any way. I just really love the NOSH section of Grocery Outlet!

How I Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year on Organic Foods- Wondering what the trick is to saving money on organic? Check out these tips to find out!

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