Save your money! Dry your own herbs!

Herbs can be expensive, especially fresh ones. I often find that I buy way more than I could use for one meal.

For dried herbs, you pay a lot. When I need dry herbs, I find myself in the bulk herb section of my local health food store. You don’t pay for packagin, bottles or labels, so the savings in phenominal. However, if you can grow a little herb garden, you can really rake in the savings by drying your own. Some herbs are really easy to dry and just require placing them on a cookie sheet in a dry place.

For this example, I will show you how easy it is with bay leaves.

My mom has a bay leaf plant. (by the way, these plants produce a lot-more than a single person could really need at one time and are easy to care for) and I was given some leaves to have after I ran out the last time I made spaghetti sauce. The process is very simple. All you do is lay them on a cookie tray and set a book on top of them to prevent them from rolling up. In just about 2-3 days, you will find them dried out. Now, the last time I went to buy this same quantity of bay leaves. I found them at around $4.00 for a jar, (cheaper in bulk, obviously) but this way, if you have your own plant, it’s free.

Many herbs can be dried out. Just remember that when using dried vs. fresh, you need about twice as much for optimal flavor.

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