Saving On Electronic Media

Media and electronics are a big part of today’s world. TV, cell phones, computers and such are how we stay in touch, pay bills and do our jobs.

Saving on these expenses can really soften the blow on your budget.

In this post, I will share some simple ways you can save on electronic bills without feeling deprived of your entertainment and communication.

For cell phone services, shop around. There are so many companies out there now and they all want your business. Because of this, you are at a great advantage as a consumer. Always shop around and compare prices. Think about how many minutes you reasonably use and don’t get talked into plans that don’t fit that.

Get a pre-paid cell phone. Avoid fees associated with early contract termination by using a cell phone that has a pre-paid option. Many plans are cheaper than the ones you would get in a provider’s store.

If you have teens or a child with a cell phone, accept that they love to text and buy a plan that gives them unlimited texts. If you go over, you could be paying 10-20 or even 50 cents per text, so play it safe on your wallet and just go for an unlimited plan.

Consider if you actually need a landline. You could save hundreds a year by just getting rid of it.

Use services such as Skype for long calling. It’s a free service for US calls and works great for long distance relatives to stay in touch.

Call your cable company on a regular basis and ask about specials they may be running that you can take advantage of. They may not tell you about them otherwise.

Try a VOIP service for your landline. For one low fee per year, you can make and receive calls through your computer’s internet connection.

For downloads such as music, books and other digital media, look for free ones where you can. Radio stations often give out free downloads on their websites and there are hundreds of free books available on Amazon for free.

If you are a senior or college student, ask for discounts on service for cell phones and internet.

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