Shelf Life of Makeup

You may not know this, but your makeup has a shelf life.

Not only is it important to pay attention to shelf life for quality purposes, but also you should toss after a date for safety.

The Shelf Life of Makeup

Think about it: You use something like an eyeliner and a mascara near your eye, right? Wouldn’t you hate to get an infection from your makeup because it has icky stuff festering on it? Eye infections can be as simple as “pink eye” to more serious ones that cause serious health risks including fungal eye infections. It goes without saying that you should never share makeup, either.

While eye makeup is the type that goes bad the quickest, you need to pay attention to all your makeup. Even something as simple as a powder can lead to scary health risks. On top of this, your makeup and it’s age can also be causing acne you are dealing with. Ironic, isn’t it?

Here is a short list of how long you should use makeup before it needs to be tossed (according to allure magazine):

– Mascara- 2-3 months

– Foundation- 6-12 months

– Concealer (stick or powder)- 2 years, while liquids should be thrown out after 1 year

– Powder- up to 2 years

– Blush- up to 2 years for Powder, 6 months-a year for creams

– Eye shadow powders- 3 months

– Eye liner- 3 months

– Lip products- 1 year

– Nail Polish- 1-2 years

It is also important to remember to clean your brushes about once a month. I have an awesome tutorial on doing so. It doesn’t take long to do and can help with keeping acne at bay as well as preventing other types of skin reactions. You should do it whether you have expensive makeup brushes or not. I hope this has helped you with knowing more about your beauty routine. I like to think of my expiration dates as an excuse to buy more makeup!

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  1. I clean my brushes quite often, though I have to say I hold on to eyeshadows until they are gone or smell funky 😉
    Angie Agerter recently posted..When was the last time you had some Pork?My Profile

  2. Thanks… Now I have a TON of cleaning out to do and a LOT of buying & replacing to do LOL. It’s funny, I always told my daughters this. Mostly because they used other girls make-up at school etc like girls do. But never do it myself!!
    Ronni Keller recently posted..Green Kids Crafts Easy Fun at Home Discovery Box {Review Giveaway}My Profile

  3. I knew most of this but things like eye shadows don’t tend to go bad unless they are cream. Anything I have that is cream goes bad in under 6 months, must be where I live.
    Kat recently posted..Mediterranean Snacks ReviewMy Profile

  4. Thank you!mthis makes sense!

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