Simple Eco-Friendly Changes You Can Make TODAY!


I used to not know where to start when it came to Going Green. I used this as an excuse for so long that it nagged the back of my head and I just knew I was just in denial about how easy it would be to make Eco-friendly changes. When I switched over to making these changes, I almost felt selfish for waiting so long to do them because they were so easy.

Here are some things you can do RIGHT NOW to be more Eco-friendly!

With the weather warmer, Line dry your clothes and save electricity.

Only buy enough food for your meals. Wasting food not only wastes money, but resources.

Ride a bike and walk wherever you can. Good for you and better for the environment.

Make some of your own cleaners. I have a great tutorial on making powdered laundry detergent in under 15 minutes!

One of the easiest ways to be kind to the earth is to re-use what you can. Re-use grocery bags, jars for food and even plastic pop bottles.

The best ways to make Mother Nature your Best Friend is to just look for ways in your everyday life where you can reduse the amount you use and re-use what you do. Take shorter showers to save water, for example.

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