Smart Buys & Things to Skip on Amazon

Smart Buys and Things To Skip on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to shop online as it offers virtually any and everything you could ever want, need and even desire. There are some things on Amazon that are amazing deals and others that are really better bought somewhere else. Don’t give up on brick and mortar stores just yet!  Here is a sampling of some of the best and worst stuff to buy on Amazon.


Smart Buy and Things to Skip on Amazon


Smart Buys:

Books and E-Books. Not only can you often get free e-books, but you can get very low priced physical books as well. I have seen hundreds of books priced at a penny before. And shipping is often just a couple dollars so for a used book in great condition, you can get it for 75-90% off the cover price on Amazon. If you are looking for free e books, make sure to check out my weekly updated Free E-Book posts.

Diapers. You can buy “open box” diapers at great discounts on Amazon. These are boxes of diapers that were opened on accident or damaged but are still in usable condition. They are not something you can always find as it is just chance that they are posted, but since they are on there frequently keep an eye out and snatch them up quickly as they tend to go fast when they are posted. Finding them is as simple as filtering results. Simply search with the key words “Open box diapers”. Be willing to change brands though as you won’t necessarily get the brand you were looking for every time.

Gluten free and specialty foods. You will find a way bigger selection of specialty foods, such as Gluten Free Baking Mix on Amazon than at any local grocery store.  The buys are usually in bulk, though, so be sure you can use them up in time.

Auto Parts. Amazon has a section called “Auto Shop” and you can find nearly every part you would need for a car including aftermarket and used parts that are hard to find. You will usually get them much cheaper than your mechanic will charge you for them and then you will only have to pay for the labor portion of your repair after you buy what you need. For instance, this FRAM Air filter would be twice this price or more if you asked to have it changed at your next oil change.


Things to Skip:

Cleaning supplies. These might seem like a great deal, especially if you subscribe to them through Amazon prime, but if you look at the unit price, they are strangely way over priced even with free 2-day shipping. You are better off couponing for them at your local store.

Regular groceries. Not only will you not get the freshest if it is perishable, but since everything is on bulk, you will get trapped into buying more than you will probably reasonably use.

Home Furnishings and tools- Furniture is something that is best bought after seeing in person and while the deals can be OK on Amazon regarding furniture, you won’t know if you truly like it until you have seen it or put it together and it can be nearly impossible to return.  Tools, like furniture, is something you should examine with your eyes before you buy so you know if it is exactly what you need for the job.

Single movies or episodes of TV Shows. If you are just going to buy one here and there, it can add up really fast and you might be better off buying the entire season of a favorite TV show or subscribing to Netflix. Amazon Prime does allow you to do a streaming service, but it only allows you to pay by the year. With Amazon Prime, you can also get free 2 day shipping on most Amazon shipped products as a bonus! Get a free 30 day trial just for signing up. 


 What is your favorite thing to buy on Amazon? Where have you gone wrong with a purchase? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’ll have to tell my hubby about the auto parts. 🙂
    Farrah recently posted..Planning birthday party alternativesMy Profile

    1. It’s one of my husband’s favorite parts of Amazon!

  2. I think my favorite thing to buy on Amazon is video games. I have gotten some for gifts for Christmas for my family, and they have very reduced prices during the Holidays. I bought two electric heaters that were marked down over 50% off and they work good. I also like their free and almost free Kindle Books

    1. Julie, I hop you are signed up for my newsletter, then, because I have Free Kindle e-book Fridays where I hunt down some free kindle books for you! 🙂

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