So, It’s Been About A Month…

I bet you think I dropped off the face of the planet, didn’t you? I have been here, alive and kicking.


Photo by Jenn of Mountain Pearl Photography

I just spent the last week moving from Montana to the state of Washington. This was my first big move, ever. I decided rather than stress myself out more than necessary, I would take a break from my blog. Sorry for not giving you notice, but things quickly got stressful and I just had to give up the worry about it.

The good news is, with this move, I have learned so much.

  • If you set your mind to a goal, with hard work, it can be done. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t. Including yourself.
  • It is essential to have a plan if things don’t go as planned. I learned this the hard way with a couple things.
  • You have more strength in you than you know.
  • It is possible to work so hard you literally fall down.

There were a few bumps in the proverbial road getting here and there are still some now that we are trying to establish ourselves in the community, but, I would be ever so grateful if any bloggers in the Spokane area of Washington would welcome me and help me out with finding things. Even with a TomTom, it has been quite a journey.


From a Montanaian at heart and now a Washington resident, I am excited for what the future brings and will be back to my regular blogging schedule soon!

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