Spokane’s “The Daiquiri Factory” is no Laughing Matter

This post may be triggering for you if you are a survivor of sexual assault. Please read with caution.

Date Grape Koolaid Spokane

I am from Missoula, Montana. Because of the controversy surrounding the amount of sexual assaults that have been taking place on and off campus at the University of Montana over the past several years, and the fact that I have been sexually assaulted, I was appalled when I read what the Downtown Daiquiri Factory in Spokane, WA is naming on e of their drinks.  Are you ready for it?

“Date Grape Koolaid”


I cannot believe it. Not only is it not funny due to the fact that it makes fun of and almost glorifies sexual assault, but it does so with the kind of sexual assault that is often associated with night clubs.

Rape is no laughing matter. It is never funny and it is never the victim’s fault. Not even if she is drunk, wearing sexy clothing, flirting with you or passed out. I am getting really tired of this society and the message it sends to women, especially young women, that if they are sexually assaulted, it is somehow their fault. Top that off with general disregard for decency in the form of alcoholic drink names and it makes me ill.

From what I can gather, the drink was protested by locals here in Spokane, but unfortunately because of our already wrong messages we send as a society, the protest brought the company MORE business and they were on their Facebook page bragging about selling out of Date Grape Koolaid and sarcastically “thanking” the protesters.

I just cannot understand why someone thought this was a good idea. There are so many ways to use the word grape in a play on words that wasn’t degrading and disregarding to sexual assault victims. What is also alarming is the amount of men and women on the Facebook page that say things to those that oppose the drink’s name:

“Thin skin? Go get lives.”
“I thought ROOFIE ME RED would be a good one lol”

The way the people at the bar handle it is pretty bad too.


Umm, I hate to break it to ya, but the only way this name is funny and not negative is if you are able to understand what a play on words is and what that play on words means in this case and find that funny. So in other words, the only way this is not negative is if you see that “Date Grape” is a play on words for “Date Rape” and that you think that date rape has potential to be funny when put this way.

What is also interesting is one of the owners says she was sexually assaulted, then goes on to blame victims who are protesting and defends a rape joke because she thought it was funny.

“There are real problems in life…this is not rape..get a life”

Oi. Who works in their social media department?

Anyway, let’s get two things straight: Date rape is NOT funny. Sexual Assault is Not funny.

Naming your drink a play on words of the above makes you a place I hope goes out of business.

By the way, Missoula is doing something about the high incidences sexual assault on the campus.


EDIT 02/03/2013:

A Facebook page has been started to boycott the bar. You can find it here.

Owners of the page are asking for anyone to contact Kraft/Kool-aid and complain about the use of their name is something to derogatory. Please note, Kraft/Kool-aid did NOT give permission to The Spokane bar to use their copyrighted brand name in the drink nor are they endorsing it. Contacting this is merely to bring it to their attention so they can handle it.

Edit Again 02/03/14:

Kool-Aid has been made aware and have said on their Facebook page that they are “addressing it” and are appalled.

Tweet this or make up your own tweet. Use Hashtag #BoycottSDDF

5 Replies to “Spokane’s “The Daiquiri Factory” is no Laughing Matter”

  1. Wow-REALLY?? Heads would be rolling– who thought this was okay thing to do.
    This is just SICK!!
    Tatanisha W recently posted..Kroger Ad & Weekly Matchups for Feb 03 – Feb 09My Profile

  2. Wow, this is TERRIBLE, absolutely infuriating. Society’s rape culture has got to stop! 1 in 4 women have been or will be sexually assaulted. I’ve met some people that are shocked by that statistic. Nooooooo, it can’t be that bad, they say….well, yes it can when there are people like the owners of the Downtown daiquiri factory naming drinks like that. It may be all fun and games now, but it sure won’t when someone gets raped. They really ought to think about the message they are sending.
    WOW…. *face palm*
    Kim recently posted..Rock, Water, FishMy Profile

  3. Wendy Gaskill says: Reply

    Ugh. I’m running out of words for how ridiculous this whole thing is. NO one has the right to tell rape victims/survivors to just “get over it.” NOT EVEN OTHER RAPE SURVIVORS! I’m sickened by the comments such as “I’m a rape victim and I’m not offended.” That’s AWESOME that you have been able to overcome your trauma to a point where you don’t find offense. But you CAN NOT expect other victims to recover at the same rate you have.

    And then there was the victim shaming and blaming. *sigh*

    They’re trying to bully a group of survivors and their allies who refuse to be bullied any longer.

    This place will not last long. Even if they do pull their heads out of their asses and apologize. New bars are statistically improbable to survive in this town, and they are doing a great job of representing themselves as immature frat kids.

  4. Thank you for posting about this! I think the issue is even deeper than whether or not it’s offensive. My take on it is posted here: http://www.carriemaylucas.com/

    1. I agree it is much deeper than just a name, Carrie. That is what is so appalling about the whole thing. The bar owner and patrons insist it is just about the name when it is more about the permissiveness of the rape culture in general.

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