Sponged-Tipped Nails Tutorial

I did this look the other day and I was asked how I did it and thought my readers might want to know as well. This is a very simple nail design that just about anyone can do with no special supplies.

First, gather what you will need:

2 nail polishes with complementing colors

Cosmetic sponge


plastic saucer you can throw away or wash


First, start by painting your nails the color you want to appear in the main nail part. I chose a nice teal. Make sure to put on enough to have a good shade and allow to dry COMPLETELY.

Next, put equal parts of the two nail polishes on the same platter.

Using a toothpick, swirl the colors together but do not combine completely. Take your cosmetic sponge (I use the wedge ones as I think they work the best) and gently pick up some of the colors.

Start at the tip of your nails and GENTLY pat the sponge on the nail until you get the desired effect, leaving the bottom of the nail alone. Being gentle and working on nails that are dry is very important or you will end up with a rough texture.

Allow to dry completely and apply a top coat. You are done!

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