Spring Cleaning-Early!

So although Spring is hitting many areas of the United States already, it is not here yet in Montana.

Montana has some funky weather. I call it “teases”. One day, in March, you will see a great day. Sun shining, birds tweeting, blue skies..and think “Hey! Winter is finally over!”. It is only myself and others being overly optimistic. Today was a good example of it. It was nice all weekend. I felt even a bit too warm for now..and today, it is snowing.

In the key of being overly optimistic, a couple weeks ago, my husband and I did some “pre-Spring cleaning”.  We are not hoarders by any means, but we live in a small space with hardly any storage and it gets cluttery in here quick. Ever have any of those days where you just say to yourself, “OK, enough is enough!” with the clutter? Yes, a couple weeks ago , my husband and I came to that feeling and decided to do something about it.


I want to pass on some tips that we personally found useful in de-cluttering as it can be a huge task, even for  small place. You would be surprised what you have when it comes to getting rid of it!


To de-clutter for spring cleaning, we suggest the following:

  • Turn on the music! It is no fun to clean in the silence. I find that music relaxes me and distracts me while taking on big tasks. To make it fair for everyone’s ears, maybe switch types of music every hour.
  • Enlist the whole family! This is a great exercise for kids of all ages. Very little ones may be able to help you sort things by rooms or size. Older ones, may be able to help you haul things out of the house.
  • Don’t feel the need to do it all in one day. Decide to tackle one room or a couple rooms a day. Taking your time will allow you to go through everything with a fine tooth comb and will make things less over-whelming.
  • A quick way to decide what to keep and what to get rid of is to say,”Has this been used in 6 months?” If not, it needs to go, unless of course it has some serious sentimental value. Try to limit these items as well.
  • Come up with a color scheme or theme you want to stick with in your rooms. If it doesn’t fit the scheme, it has to go.
  • Decide on a couple things you want to change in the room and reward yourself with cheap new decorations or alterations. Buy new curtains and toss out the old ones for instance.
  • Plan out cheap and easy meals to make the days you work.
  • Take frequent breaks. Try to limit yourself to short ones so you don’t lose motivation.
  • Have plenty of cleaning supplies on hand and even masks. You stir up a lot of dust you didn’t know was there when going through things.
  • Reward yourself! Plan a cheap thing you can all do as a family after the project is done!

I hope these tips help you make your home the best place it can be while you start your spring cleaning. It is amazing to look around and feel like you can breath again. Soon, I will write a post on decorating on a shoestring, so you can see how great a room can be with very little money. Cheers!



photo via Kleen Sweep Maids dot com

2 Replies to “Spring Cleaning-Early!”

  1. Great tips! I need to do a little de-cluttering and inexpensive redesign here soon…unless we move, that is. I love a clean slate!
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    1. It is such a relief to look around and see nothing but things you want and not a bunch of clutter. It took us about a week, but we took our time and now we are so happy because it is so much easier to keep it clean.

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