Start your own Christmas Tradition

I asked my fans, readers, family and friends to share their favorite Christmas traditions currently or while growing up. It’s easy to start your own Christmas Tradition. For a bit of inspiration, check out some of the responses I got:

“For many, many, MANY years it doesn’t feel like Christmas until I watch ‘white Christmas’ with Bing Crosby. I just love that movie.” –Stephanie

“The lighting of the family Christmas tree. It doesn’t matter who decorates it, everyone gathers around to see the finished tree light. We normally have tea or coco, some small appetizers and play Christmas music as we light the tree for the first time that season. Also on Christmas morning everyone has to be awake and fed breakfast before even the stockings are looked at. No rushing to the tree and ripping open presents first thing in the morning. Breakfast first and then stockings, then the presents are handed out round robin one person at a time it takes more patience but it makes the experience last longer.” –Kat

“About a week before Christmas the family would go and choose a live tree with a good shape.
We would place the tree in a tin washtub making sure the tree appeared straight and was balanced/level.
Then Dad would put the lights on the tree with our help. We’d take the string he passed across the back of the tree. He would make sure the lights were evenly spaced so that there were no gaps or “dead“ spots on the tree. We would listen to The King Family Christmas album, a family favorite. That’s where the decorating ended until Christmas Eve.

Santa came to our home twice on Christmas. The first time the children were awake. Santa would give each of us one gift. He would ask if we were good or bad. He would admonish us that we had to go to bed and go to sleep right away if we wanted him to come back.

When Santa came to our house the second time, he’d decorate the tree. Christmas morning beheld a sparkling sight with ornaments, garland, lights and tinsel that was put on one single strand at a time. It was a site to dazzle any child.

A few days before Christmas Mom would bake a birthday cake and ice it with white icing and top it with coconut. She put a small nativity on top to remind us who‘s birthday it was.
After Christmas dinner the nativity on the birthday cake was replaced with one birthday candle. Everyone would sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and the kids would blow the candle out. Then of course cut and eat the cake.” –Maureen


“We would all get dressed in warm clothes and go into the woods for our Christmas tree and of course it had to be the best shaped one in the forest. We got where we were going and haul out of the truck snow up to our knees and grab the hand saw,get our tree and haul it to the truck what fun and good memories like falling down the hill on your rear and snowball fights,and hot chocolate or coffee.Got the tree home would bring it in to warm up its branches and decorate it the next day.” –Sharon


What is your Christmas tradition? Will you be starting a new one this year?

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