Stuff to Do When You Have Extra Time

If I saw this title of the blog I’m writing now a year ago, I would have heartily laughed and said, “Yeah right. What’s this extra time stuff you speak about”? Well, sometimes things just change and since it seems that a lot of us have extra time these days, I thought I may try to tackle some of those things I always said I would do when I have extra time. If you are running out of stuff to keep you motivated and occupied (two things that really help me stave off depressions, honestly), here are some things to keep you there.

Stuff to Do When You Have Extra Time

Yoga or some exercise without a ‘purpose’- Most people think exercise must always be done for a reason such as losing weight or gaining something like stamina. It doesn’t have to be. It can be just for leisure and strength and stamina is more of a bonus, then. There are lots of places to get tips on doing yoga online, for instance, for just about every body type from advanced to beginners.

Clear out some clutter- Everyone has clutter in their lives. Even the most organized of us may have cluttered email in-boxes. Take this time you have and turn into a clutter buster. You can start by dong little projects like cleaning under your sink or straightening the laundry area.

Organizing some small spaces- Along the lines of clearing clutter, you may want to take this as an opportunity to organize all those little areas we let become a mess. This includes spots like the ‘junk drawer’ (doesn’t everyone have one of these?), your desk at home or even that box of ‘whatever’ you have shoved in your closet.

Revisit your resume or skills- Since job uncertainly is a real concern for many right now, this is a perfect time to revamp your resume or learn a new skill that you can take into the workforce again. You can even take free classes on YouTube.

Make some of your own cleaners- If you have always wanted to, but never thought you had time, now is a perfect chance to make some of your own household cleaners. I have lots of them on my blog, and my most popular one, my fizzing toilet powder, takes just 5 minutes.

Make a new budget- I don’t know about you, but I often find myself wondering why my budget is no longer working for me or where my money is going. This is an excellent time to check your budget and see where you can tweak it. Maybe you don’t need 5 different streaming services? Maybe you have another reason to save money than the last time you created a budget? Check what can be changed to fit your current needs.

Go on a Date with your spouse or significant other- While we can’t do much right now because of closures and staying at home, we can do some things like a simple picnic outside in the backyard after the kids go to bed, maybe?

Call a friend or Family member you haven’t in a while- One of my favorite things to do while on this break is to reconnect with people in a real way. I have developed some new friendships in big ways and connected closer with family. FaceTime is a great way to do this.

Rearrange your furniture and create a new space- If you have to be home, why not create a space you truly love? A simple rearrangement of furniture or a couple of online bought pieces plus some change in wall hangings can really make a room into a new spot.

Start an indoor garden– There are so many plants that are extremely easy to start such as succulents. Create an indoor garden so you have something great and peaceful to look at.

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