Super Quick Corn Chowder with Tasteful Selections

While in the produce section, you may have noticed some neatly packaged potatoes, but not sure if you will like them or know what to do with them. The brand is Tasteful Selections and they have several varieties.

Tonight I tried the “Sunrise Medley” pack in a curried corn chowder. (by the way, the difference between a soup and a chowder is simply that a chowder has potatoes!) This pack has three different varieties of potatoes for a great blend of sweet and nutty flavors. I loved how colorful it made my soup!

If you have never had a purple potato, which is one of the varieties in the Sunrise Medley, you will be a little amazed when you see it. They are purple on the inside as well as the outside and they are rich in antioxidants that white flesh potatoes do not have.

What I really love about Tasteful Selections potatoes is how fast they cook and how they have saved me time in the kitchen by having them pre-washed and no need to peel because the skins are tender. I was able to make my soup (homemade!) from pot to table in less than a half hour! Home-made soup in that time? That’s amazing to me!

Without further adieu, I would like to share my recipe from my table to yours.

Curried Corn & Potato Chowder

You will need:

  • one 40 oz bag of Tasteful Selections Sunrise Medley Potatoes
  • one can of corn
  • one can of creamed corn
  • 1/2 cup milk
  •  small cans of chicken or vegetable broth
  • 2 tbsp concentrated cooking stock
  • onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, dried chives
  • Curry powder
  • 1 stick of butter, unsalted
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 4 c water

To make:


1. Cube the Tasteful Selections potatoes (These potatoes cook fast so not too small!)

2. Start heating up the stock, broth and water. Add a bit of salt.

3. When you have the potatoes cubed, add them to the boiling stock. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes. Add corn.

4. Make a Roux (pronounced “Rue”) out of the butter. Add a stick to a saute pan and melt, but do not allow to burn. Slowly add the flour, whisking together, until the consistency is that of wet sand.

5. Slowly add the roux to the chowder. whisk it and you will see it thicken the liquid.Add seasonings to taste. Finish off with the milk or cream by slowly adding it with a whisk.


As you can see, this is super easy to do and super fast. Why even buy canned soup anymore? I will be showing another Tasteful Selections recipe next week! Stay tuned!

8 Replies to “Super Quick Corn Chowder with Tasteful Selections”

  1. How neat! I had no clue they had so many color potatoes, especially purple! That recipe looks and sounds wonderful! I am adding it to my recipe book now! Thanks for sharing! I hope I can find this brand around here!
    Alaina Bullock recently posted..L.A. Minerals: Mineral Makeup at Its BestMy Profile

    1. Hi Alaina, You can find where they are sold by going to the store locator on the website:

  2. paiage fowler says: Reply

    I had no idea there were colorfull potatos, ill have to keep and eye out for them 😀 thank you for sharing your recipe 😀

  3. Those potatoes look so beautiful….and yummy!
    Sharon Russ recently posted..Product Review and Giveaway: Country Bob’s All Purpose SauceMy Profile

  4. I could probably get my boys to eat this if I use the purple potatoes.
    Savanah Fahrney-Day recently posted..Free Coffee – Folgers GourmetMy Profile

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