Surgery update

So it’s been a couple weeks since anyone has heard from me on my little blog and I can tell you it has been a nightmare. As pretty much everyone knows, if you have been following along, I got a breast reduction. I would love to share some before and afters (fully clothed of course!) but to be honest, this lady feels pretty ill and I am not up for pictures right now. I promise soon enough though.

First of all, my surgery was a success. My surgeon was able to take 1600 cc’s and 1400 cc’s respectively which took me from a size H to what I think is a large C or maybe a D. This is a huge difference in size and I feel a significant change in just how much lighter I feel and I never realized how tense my neck, back and shoulders were.

The problem started for me, when I got home from the hospital. I started running fevers and felt terrible. It turns out I contracted a staph infection in my surgical wounds. That staph infection turned into an abscess on one side, which I had to get drained. I spent a good part of this month so far in the hospital on IV antibiotics. The trouble with me is, I am personally allergic to so many “good” antibiotics for this type of infection that they had to resort to the big guns and put me on stuff that made me violently ill. I have lost nearly 10 lbs this week alone due to lack of food intake.

I am still on about nine more days of antibiotics, and they do make me ill and I feel like every ounce of me is drained, but I hope to be back to my old blogging self soon enough. I have some wonderful reviews to write soon and a new perspective.

Thanks for all the love and support I have received thus far. It really does mean the world to me.


photo via by rosmary

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