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I normally don’t post too many coupon deals on my blog because although I appreciate thrifty living and couponing, this isn’t a coupon blog, so I try to keep it a bit separate, but I have to tell you about the latest deal I got so you have time to get it yourself!

Target has a coupon with their mobile coupon alerts right now that is too good to pass up. It is NOT a glitch and I could barely believe it myself! Through 10/4, Target has a BOGO deal on their jewelry department. (BOGO is buy one, get one free in case you aren’t hip to coupon lingo). This means you can buy ANY jewelry, item (including watches, sunglasses and all jewelry) and get one free. Normally, these coupons have a limit on the free item such as “of equal or lesser value” than the item you are purchasing.

However, with this coupon, it is ANY item at ANY price that you buy and get a FREE item up to $58.99. This means, you can buy a clearance item for a couple dollars and get a free item worth up to $58.99!

Now, you know you are thinking what I was thinking-No way! That has to be a mistake.

It isn’t. I would never tell you, my valued readers, about a deal that was not true and tested by myself personally. I bought a $5.99 pair of earrings/necklace and got a $39.99 Timex Watch for FREE. The only thing I paid for was the Earrings/necklace + tax. My total was only $6.51.


No kidding!


How do you get in on this amazing deal?

Simply text OFFERS to 827438 and follow the instructions. You will need to register for Target mobile coupons, but let me tell you, it is so worth it. I got my coupon in about 2 minutes and rushed to the store before it closed.

The deal is only good through 10/4/2013, so HURRY!

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