The Benefits of Meditation




There are many ways people manage stressful events in their life or just the daily grind. Meditation is simply one way I manage my anxiety and stress. I find that when I get into the habit of meditating daily, often for just very short periods of time, I am less stressed and more grounded. This leaves me able to handle what the day throws at me better overall. Many people think meditation is something tied to one religion or another, but anyone can use meditation. If you are just starting to do meditation, and are wondering how it can help you, here are some of the benefits of meditation.

The Benefits of Meditation

It can help you with mental focus in other areas of your life– Because meditation requires you to focus and tune out things such as outside noises or thoughts, it is actually great at training your brain to use these skills at non-meditation times as well. Our brain is not a muscle, but studies have shown that regularly ‘exercising’ it and using it can help us gain more skills and refine the skills we already have.

Meditation can help with depression and anxiety- I like to do guided imagery when I do meditation sometimes. This is a technique that helps with anxiety and trauma as well as depression. It is essentially about creating a ‘happy place’ in your mind to go to when you feel anxious or depressed. Online Therapy can also be a big help and is super convenient.

It can help with memory and recall- Because meditation is a lot about going inside yourself to find your inner voice and clam, it can also lead to you recalling happy memories. This helps us to have better recall later on as you are training your brain to better categorize.

Meditation can help with blood pressure- High blood pressure is worse for folks that are also high stress or anxious. Since meditation can be a huge help to anxiety and stress management, it can lead to better blood pressure over all.

It can help with creative thinking and problem solving- Meditation allows us to have the time to think deeper about our issues in a calm and safe environment. While seasoned mediators can meditate with a complete silence of their thoughts, it can take a while to get there. Instead, many people use meditation time to think and process.

Meditation can improve self-esteem- positive affirmation mantras are a big part of many people’s meditation routine. This can actually help us with our self-esteem in the long run as mantras are something we often say in order to start to believe it.

It can relieve some pain– I suffer from chronic pain and this means that sometimes I can think of nothing but the pain I am in. I like to reach a state of Meditation when I feel the pain overwhelming me. It allows me to feel things in my body and breathe through them.


The Benefits of Meditation- Meditation can be an extremely powerful tool to have on hand for treating anxiety, pain, and mental focus.


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