The Many Uses of Nail Polish

If you are like me, you have a ton of nail polish. Some of it may be drying out, some of it may be “so last season” and some of it you may just cry when it runs out because they stopped making that color/formula and you are almost out.

One thing you may not know is that nail polish has so many uses other than just making your nails a topic of conversation. So don’t throw out that old or chunky polish just yet. Take a peek at my list of ways to use it in ways you never thought of!


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  • Use a darker, bold color like red to mark the wash cycle on your washer. Doing so will make it easy to find in a flash and there will be no more fumbling for the right cycle.
  • If you need to mark a spot on a bucket where you want a level, just use nail polish.
  • Try marking a DVD stop button (or any other one)  in red. no more fumbling in a glare to find the button you need. Better yet, you can help your children find the buttons easier.
  • Stop runs in stockings with clear nail polish
  • Use a clear polish to line the inside of a ring that turns your finger green.
  • Hate the taste of that glue on envelopes? Use clear nail polish!
  • Quickly thread a needle by dipping the end of the thread in nail polish
  • Out of wood glue? Use nail polish on a screw for a tighter fit.
  • Have a ton of keys? Paint each key top a different color and you will never be stuck trying the wrong key again.
  • If you are sick of the rust rings you get from shaving cream containers on your tub, try coating the bottom with nail polish.


Do you use nail polish in an unconventional way? I would love to hear about it!

3 Replies to “The Many Uses of Nail Polish”

  1. I use clear nail polish on belt buckles – I have big buckles and they irritate my skin when I sit.
    Stephanie recently posted..#Sponsored: ZzzQuil ReviewMy Profile

  2. They make a great shiny enamel for painting things like jewelry or hair barrettes.
    Rachel R. recently posted..200 Easy Mexican RecipesMy Profile

  3. I had a run in a gauzy shirt of mine. I sewed it at the seam, then applied clear nail polish over the area to keep the newly-sewed area from running again!
    Sam B. recently posted..I See Me Personalized Children’s Books: ABC What I Can Be {Review}My Profile

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