Tips for a Stress-Free Meatless Monday with Alpha Burritos

I seem to never have much time so that is why I find meal planning to be especially useful. For only an hour a week, I am able to do all my meal planning and I try to do Meatless Monday as often as possible, too. This makes it possible to enjoy a vegan or vegetarian meal and get out of my zone with typical dishes. One thing I like about Meatless Monday is the fact that it’s often an easy meal to make and I don’t have to waste time thawing meat. Recently, I tried Alpha Burritos. They are a plant-based frozen food that tastes absolutely amazing. Let’s look at some ways I make my Meatless Mondays easier and how you can enjoy a stress-free Meatless Monday, too, as part of your meal planning.

Tips for a Stress-Free Meatless Monday with Alpha Burritos

1. Use Meatless Mondays as a time to use up leftovers– I like to use my meatless Mondays as a time to use up leftovers from the weekend. For instance, if you had a get-together and there are veggie trays sitting n your fridge, use them to make a soup or casserole. Throw together a salad! Use this as a perfect time to use up stuff to create less waste in the end as well as spark creativity. Just skip the meat!

2. Try convenience foods for Meatless Monday– Sometimes, no matter what diet we choose to eat, we just don’t have time to cook. That’s why I love Alpha Burritos. They come in 4 varieties such as Mexicali, Pizza, Philly Sandwich and Chick ‘N Fajita. All varieties are 100% plant based, non-GMO, hormones and corn syrup. They may be convenient, but they are totally better for you than many foods I often find in the frozen section. I love that they have lots of protein-about 11g per serving! One way I like to make foods like this seem more like homemade is to jazz them up a bit. For instance, why not make an enchilada sauce and pour it over the Mexicali Alpha Burrito and eat enchiladas for dinner? Super easy! These burritos heat up in less tan 2 minutes in the microwave, too. (In case you are wondering, my favorite is the Pizza Alpha Burrito. It’s the perfect mid-afternoon snack.)

3. Make meals that are basically the same minus meat– When trying to plan a meal for Meatless Monday, think about some of your family’s favorite dishes. Now, omit the meat. Many of your favorite dishes would be just fine without meat. Meatless Monday does not have to be vegan, but you may find that many meals are easily made vegan or vegetarian. For instance, I love to add tofu to my homemade spaghetti sauce.

4. Use beans and lentils to make meatless meals easier and full of protein– If you miss protein or feel your meals are missing something that is filling try making them with lentils or beans. I love making meals with these options because they really do add a lot to dishes and they are mega low-cost even if bought organic. I suggest buying them in bulk for the best price.

Now, doesn’t Meatless Monday sound like the perfect way to start the week? It’s a simple way to save money, cut your meat consumption and try something new. Alpha Burritos and Moms Meet has given me the opportunity to offer my readers a way to win a $25 gift card to Walmart so you can try Alpha Burritos yourself. To find out where to buy them, make sure you check this locator. Also, follow Alpha Foods on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more info about their amazing foods. To enter, please comment on this post and tell me how you make Meatless Mondays work for you and which Alpha Food Burrito you would love to taste! (ends May 5, 2018) Make sure you leave a good email address to contact you with!

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  1. I’d like to try the pizza ones!

  2. I would like to try Philly Sandwich. I make Meatless Mondays work by menu planning around seasonal produce.

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