Tips for Taking Care of Cacti and Succulents

My husband really is the green thumb in our household, and this leads to a lot of propagation going on in my house, too. We have so many ‘babies’ here now and it’s so beautiful to look at. He absolutely gets giddy when we go plant shopping. A lot f people assume that cactus and succulents are hard to take care of but he insists that are not. Over the years, with trial and error, he has really cultivated a great little garden indoors that he moves outside when the sun starts up in the late spring and leaves them out all summer. Here are some of the tips I have learned from him over the years.

Tips for Taking Care of Cacti and Succulents

Water just enough– Most succulents are pretty resistant to droughts, so its really hard to underwater them and in some cases, it may actually be good for them and cause them to bloom if you do it when the timing is right. Typically, you will want to water them no more than once a week during all seasons except winter. Water them about once every 2 weeks in the winter and you may be lucky enough to see them bloom. One thing you don’t want to do is over water them. They can be prone to having mold or rot if you do. You can tell if you are watering just right by looking at the plant. If the flesh is not firm and droopy, you are likely watering too much. If it is looking puckered, you are watering too little.

Use the right pots– Succulents and cactus need a well draining pot. While you may see them in terrariums and they do look beautiful this way, you can cause issues with them if you keep them in these setups too long. Succulents and cacti also like post made of clay or Terra cotta the best. If you want your succulent or cactus to grow larger, consider placing them in a pot that will allow for some growth.

Go with the best soil- They actually sell a soil that is made just for succulents and cactus. It is well draining and nutrient rich for them and is really the ideal soil to place them in since you won’t be moving them often like other houseplants.

Fertilize them often to see blooms and faster growth- Make sure to buy fertilizer just for these types of plants as it will have just the right amount of nutrients they need. Succulent and cactus fertilizer is easy to use and you only need to do it occasionally.

Provide enough light and warmth for them– We live in the pacific northwest so this can be a bit of a challenge, but cacti and succulents will absolutely not thrive without it. Place them on windowsills for a cute decor touch and move them outdoors once the night temperature reaches 55 degrees or more. Be sure to move your plants towards more light gradually or they may actually get burned from the sudden amount of direct sunlight. If your plant does get burned, consider gently trimming the parts that did to help your plant recover.

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  1. I love having plants around the house. I currently have a few orchids and some African violets. When had succulents in the past I always “loved them to death” by over watering them, but I think going to have to pick up a few after reading your article.
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