Tips for Doing Yoga at Home

Thank you to Rainbeau Curves for helping me look amazing for this post on tips for doing yoga at home.

Yoga is a part of my everyday life. I like to do it to relax in the evening and to  start my day out right. I don’t always do it both times each day, but I do try to do it at least once a day, even if i it’s just from my computer chair.  I believe yoga has some great healing properties for both mental and physical health. It keeps me limber as well since I suffer from stiff joints and chronic pain type issues. I was intimidated when I first started doing yoga at home as I was under the assumption that to really learn it, I would need to do it in a class under the direction of a yogi. I have learned that my misconception was wrong and that yoga can easily be self  taught at home and there is the advantage of not worrying about ‘messing up’ on a pose at home and getting time to practice it and perfect it.  If you want to learn to do yoga in the comfort of your own place, here are my tips for doing yoga at home.


Tips for Doing Yoga at Home

Use free videos on YouTube or on streaming services– Free videos on YouTube are all over and some of them are full yoga sessions. If you have something like Amazon Prime, you can watch hundreds of free Yoga programs as well. Many of these programs are for every skill set and level and some are just a few poses rather than full sessions to give you an idea of what kinds of poses you want to work on. As you advance and create your own sets, yo u can look for relaxation music on YouTube to play during your sets as well.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing- I like to wear my many sets of Rainbeau Curves leggings for my yoga sessions because they wick away sweat (yes! I actually work up a sweat when I do yoga!) and they are fun and colorful as well as being extremely comfortable. Make sure whatever you are wearing allows for full movement and does not restrict you in any way. I also like to wear a good bra such as the Grace bra from Rainbeau Curves because it holds in the girls well so I can be free to move about in any position.


Use the right tools- If nothing else, get yourself a yoga mat and blocks. These two tools are a definite need in any beginner’s yoga toolbox. The mat will help you with comfort and slippage as well as give you a space to do your poses. The blocks help you achieve certain positions that you aren’t quite able to without some support yet.

Find a quiet space- This can be quite a challenge for some. It is vital that you find a space that is quiet and where you can be alone to practice your yoga without interruptions. This could be a time when young ones are in bed or at school or even before they get up. In order to fully give yourself to yoga, you need to be able to concentrate.

Get a spouse or child to do the practice with you- If you are having trouble with finding a quiet space, why not get a spouse or child involved in your practice? Yoga is excellent for kids because it teaches them to self-soothe and meditate while listening to that quiet voice inside them. Your spouse might find that it helps them with work related pain and helps them sleep.

Challenge yourself- When you get past a certain pose, don’t end there. Continue to push yourself and challenge your body! At-home yoga is a great way to feel confident in pushing yourself to try something new.


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11 Replies to “Tips for Doing Yoga at Home”

  1. Free videos are great to teach new things. Also, finding a quiet place… I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

  2. I loved your tips and I already started to put into practice. I need to create the habit of practicing every day. When I did my initiation in Reiki I had serious problems to maintain discipline, but today I am reaping good fruit and I know that it is worth paying the price to change our life. Thanks for sharing!

  3. yoga teacher South Australia says: Reply

    That’s a great tips. I want to try it someday when not busy.

  4. Dave | Exercisen says: Reply

    Nice tips. What do you advise for women who are a little heavy.

    1. Hi Dave,

      I actually wrote a post on that. Check out my tips for doing yoga for plus size:

  5. Adri @ Girls in Yoga Pants says: Reply

    Good idea on having a child practice yoga with you… well, I have been trying to get my daughter to do yoga with me but she is at such a young age that she thinks it is boring.

    I can’t wait until she is a little older so that way I will have a yoga buddy!

  6. Is there some amazon prime video you’d suggest? I follow Power Yoga Weight Loss with Erica Vetra currently

  7. Great tips and I Loved the Photography, your Yoga Space is so Serene looking! I’ll be Creating a Meditation Room soon and finding the right Inspiration of a Look I would feel most Calm in is definitely a consideration. Blessings, Love, Light and Peace from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

  8. Challenging yourself in trying something new will gives excitement and thrill on doing yoga. Thanks for sharing your tips on doing yoga at home.

  9. Kasey Stralie says: Reply

    You are truly an inspiration! I loved reading this and all your pictures are awesome. Makes me realize anybody can do yoga including myself. I am a little overweight and have 3 kids running around my house all the time so its hard to find free time. I was looking at doing an at home yoga program called 3 Week Yoga Retreat. It’s by Beachbody and thought it was suppose to be a pretty decent program until I found a bad review about it saying it’s not for beginners and you don’t get much for what you pay. Has anybody here tried this program or had success with it or maybe can recommend a different at home program to use for a beginner? Thank you so much!!

    1. Kasey, do you have Amazon prime? If so, there are so many great videos on there! I am a beginner myself and I have been practicing with different videos on prime and have enjoyed most of them so far. If I feel like one is too fast or isn’t teaching me correctly, I just find a different one. Erica Vetra (I think that’s her name?) is great!

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