What to Use Instead of Plastic

What to Use Instead of Plastic- Practical things to buy to replace the plastic in your life. Reusable grocery bags, reusable produce bags and glass straws.

What to Use Instead of Plastic- Practical things to buy to replace the plastic in your life. Reusable grocery bags, reusable produce bags and glass straws.

I recently wrote a post on cutting your use of plastic, but after I saw a documentary on Netflix over the weekend about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch called Plastic Paradise, I felt I needed to not only give you ideas on how to cut plastic but some actual products you could purchase in order to break you plastic habit. These items are not only BPA free because they contain no plastic but are low cost and should be of higher quality than any plastic product you currently use at home. Here are some awesome products to use instead of plastic.

What to Use Instead of Plastic



Plastic Drinking Straws


These Glass Straws work just as good as the plastic kind and they are washable and reusable. If you are scared of using glass around your little ones, try these Stainless Steel ones. These straws even come with brushes for cleaning them.


Plastic Food Storage Containers

plastic alternatives

Instead of plastic food containers for leftovers, use these Glass storage containers. This set contains no BPA and is made with Limestone and other natural components.  One bonus to using glass storage containers for food is they don’t stain like plastic does.


Plastic Sandwich Bags

cloth bags

Instead of using these for packing yours and your child’s lunches, try these chic and colorful reusable cloth sandwich bags that can be washed and used over and over.


Plastic Water Bottles

reuseable water bottle

One of the things that hit me the most about the show Plastic Paradise was how many plastic water bottles are tossed each day. Stop the waste and still enjoy bottled water with these stainless steel water bottles.


Plastic Shopping Bags

reusable shopping bags

This one is a given and most people know that you can do this to cut plastic, but I really like this version of reusable bags. It features pockets in it for bottles and small stuff so it doesn’t get crushed and makes it easy to carry. Plus it is made of easy to wash organic cotton.


Plastic Produce Bags

reusable produce bags

Instead of using the plastic produce bags at the store, bring your own. These reusable produce bags are washable and easy to use at the store. Some stores even offer a discount for using them!


Plastic Storage for Bulk Items

glass jar

Rather than organize your bulk items in plastic, why not get some great looking glass jars to store them in? There are some great labels out there now, too as well as nice looking jars themselves out side of just masons.


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7 Replies to “What to Use Instead of Plastic”

  1. Love these tips! Green living is super important in our household 😉

    1. Glad you loved this, Samantha! Green living is very important to us, too!

  2. Hi Christine,
    Actually I am a dealer of Chips which obviously comes packed in plastic but the thing is that in that package the chips are edible for two months.

    So what can I use instead of plastic to pack those chips so that they remain edible for 2 months.
    Kindly suggest such a product.

    1. Rahul, I am unsure what you could use that would be cost effective as I am not on that end of the business. Do you have a way to use a hemp or plant based product where you are? This would be a much more Eco-consious choice. I applaud your willingness to care for Mother Earth! Good luck!

  3. Awesome entry Christine!

  4. John Marc Ramirez says: Reply

    This is a great article of promoting using other things aside from plastic. It is better to value environment. Thank you for sharing this one. 🙂

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