Uses for Juicing Pulp


I recently bought a juicer and being the frugal, Eco person that I am, I hate to throw anything away. So, imagine my dismay when I saw all that pulp in the catcher of my juicer and had no idea what to do with it. I just couldn’t stand the idea of tossing it and I figured it had to be useful for something. This led me to try several different ways to try to use it and some were a success. (We won’t talk about the ones that weren’t)

If you juice a lot like my husband and I do, you may be feeling that throw away guilt as well and if that’s you, here are some great ways to use juicing pulp.

Uses for Juicing Pulp

Compost it. Juicing pulp usually contains great nutrients still, so it is an excellent additive to any compost pile. just toss it in the way you do with any scraps and do your turning when nessisary.

Drink it in a smoothie. Save your pulp to be added later to smoothies for the kids to give them a little bit of a fiber boost. This is perfect because it will be so disguised they won’t even know it’s in there!

If your pulp is mostly vegetable, such as with a spinach, kale or carrot juice, add it to your spaghetti sauce. With a homemade version, (or even store bought!) this is a perfect way to add in some texture as well as a little bit of extra nutrients. You can also mix it into casseroles, burger and even baked goods.

Add it to a face mask and use the pulp to exfoliate. Just pulverize it in a food processor and it works perfectly when mixed with honey, milk and a little bit of green tea powder (matcha) for a nice facial treatment.

If you keep chickens (I am super jealous by the way!), they will often love to eat your pulp. Add it to their feed for a special treat.

Mix it into cream cheese for a great dip for vegetables. I like to add in some herbs, too, to give it some zip!

If your pulp is spinach or kale only, it will make a great pesto sauce. Simply add in some olive oil and pine nuts into a food processor until it forms a smooth paste. Pine nuts can be somewhat expensive depending on where you buy them, so I sometimes like to use walnuts or even sunflower seeds.

Sprinkle it over your dog or cat’s food. They won’t even notice (at least my cat wouldn’t!) and it will give them an extra vitamin boost. You could also try adding a little bit to my Easy Peasy Cat Crackers recipe.

Make excellent omelets. If I have some kale/spinach pulp, I like to add it to some scrambled eggs or an omelet for a quick and healthy breakfast.

Sprinkle it on your salad. You are eating vegetables anyway, so why not just add a fun twist to your salad by adding a sprinkling of pulp? You could also try making some juicing pulp vinaigrette.

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