Ways to Remember To Pray

It’s been a while since I have written on my faith in God. It’s not so much that I don’t have an active relationship with God, but more that I have not had anything in particular to say about my faith.

One thing I am making a conscious effort to do more often is to pray. God loves to hear our prays-no matter what. He loves our honesty.


Here are some ways I remember to pray:

I do it in the car. When I am done driving my daughter to school or my husband to work and I am alone, I pray. This is a perfect time because it allows me to do it when I am by myself and brings me peace.

I do it when I cook. I may not say it out loud, but I pray for my family when I cook them a nourishing meal.

I do it in the shower. While it may seem silly, God made my body, so I am sure he doesn’t see it as strange to pray to him when I am in the shower.

I do it when I am cleaning the house. I turn on the Christian contemporary music and sing to him.

Most of all, I have learned to do it when I am grateful. I used to only pray to God when I needed his help. I find great joy in praying to him now when I am super happy and content or he brought me to a place of peace.

When do you pray during the day?

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