Ways to Kill Boredom When You Are Stuck Inside

Being stuck inside, especially when the weather is amazing outside, can really be a real bummer. You just want to go out and enjoy it. Sometimes though, we have to send time indoors and this can lead to serious boredom. Whether it’s you or your kids that are driving you crazy with the boredom blues, and no matter your reason, here are some tips for ways to kill boredom when you are stuck inside for long periods of time. I mean, we can all only watch so many TV shows.

Ways to Kill Boredom When You Are Stuck Inside

Take a nap. Seriously. How often do we get to slow down and cuddle up with some warm blankets and nap? This is a perfect time to take a short cat nap. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed and maybe less bored and more motivated. Just make sure you don’t interrupt your sleep cycle by not doing it too late into the day and for no more than an hour or so.

Choose a project. All of us have a project around the house we may have been putting off for a while. For me it was cleaning out my kitchen junk drawers and under the kitchen sink. After I decluttered here a but, I had wasted around 2 hours and had a much more pleasant home to spend my days in.

Break out the board games. When was the last time you played some good old-fashioned board games or card games? Shake the dust off these babies and play some good old board games. Just make sure you have all the pieces before you start. Find a great list of card games to play here if you don’t have any board games.

Call a friend or family member you haven’t checked in on for a while. Go back to the old school with a feel good phone call to a loved one. I find that when I get to talking I can easily waste hours on the phone just like I used to. If you are long distance, consider “watching” a movie “together” while on the phone. Start the same movie on a streaming service at the same time and watch together and chat along the way.

Write letters or send cards. Just like the last two suggestions bring back old ways of keeping in touch, so does this one. Who doesn’t love to get cards and letters in the mail instead of bills and bad news?

Look for free karaoke online and do a competition. You don’t even need mics for this and your only audience will be your cats and kids. YouTube has some great videos with lyrics perfect for karaoke in your living room. Just search Song title + Lyrics.

Do an at home spa. Pamper yourself with homemade beauty and spa recipes. Check out my recipes for Citrus Vanilla Sugar Scrub, DIY Lavender Fizzing Chocolate Bath Powder, Citrus Rose Bath Powder, and Honey Green Tea Facial.

Rearrange your living spaces. If you have to be stuck inside for a while, why not make it look different than what you are used to. Of course this is easier to do if you have help, but just switching some things up can make any living space look newer.

Do a movie theme night. Pick a series like Harry Potter or Star Wars or even Back to the Future and dress up as the characters using stuff in your closet, make foods inspired by the movies and have fun, even if it’s by your goofy self.

Learn a skill. There are plenty of fun ways to learn to do everything from sewing to calligraphy and cooking on sites like YouTube. It’s almost always free, too!

I hope these give you some fun ideas to do while you are stuck at home!

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