What I Love About my Daughter

Warning! This post is heavy with photos and gushing with love and admiration for my daughter 😉


Aww, my little girl. She is growing so fast. It really is amazing to watch a baby become a little person with a separate identity from you and then into a little person you can carry on deeper conversations with. I am always amazed by what words my daughter uses at her age. Words I didn’t even think she knew! (all good words, I promise!)

My life has changed since I had her, too. I was a scared single mom when she was born. I was overwhelmed and had no idea how I was going to be as a mom. I used to love just laying her on my chest and listening to her snore (yes! she even snored as a baby!) as she sleeps.


I am now married, and my daughter will turn 10 in less than a month. She is an amazing person. I am so proud to call her my own.

My daughter has this amazing giving spirit. She has always loved to see people light up with gifts. I would have a million pictures she colored for me if I didn’t weed them out. Every Christmas, she spends her own money to buy everyone a gift. She loves giving to other people so much and I love that about her.

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Another quality she has is she is amazingly independent. I remember taking cat naps on the couch when she was still very little and not worrying that she would get into something she wasn’t supposed to. While a lot of parents struggle to get their kids in bed, I have never had one single night where it was an issue. I remember being astonished when at 3 years old, she would start asking me if she could go to bed because she was tired. Of course I said yes! It allowed me to peek into the kind of independent soul she would become. Even now, I have never had a doubt in my mind that she will be able to handle anything that comes her way into adulthood.



I love that my daughter is creative. She has this mind that can create anything she puts it to. She is a good problem solver and loves learning. There is nothing better than a person who loves learning. That almost guarantees they will never stop growing in mind and spirit.


She has a love for Jesus. While I am a Christian mom, I do not try to shove my beliefs on my daughter. She is allowed to not go to church if she doesn’t want to (although she often chooses to go) and she is allowed to ask questions. I want her to find Jesus and develop a relationship with him on her own free will and I am happy she is doing that. I believe our spiritual selves are able to develop deeper meaning when it is not something that is forced upon us.

100_3314 100_3321 100_3323

I love that my daughter is unique. She isn’t all into girly things (although lately she has started taking an interest in lip gloss and body sprays) and yet, she isn’t a total tomboy either. She has always loved her dolls and science kits equally.

We have so much fun together and have our own special games we play together that no one “gets”.

Being a mom is so rewarding.  Its amazing, even.

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  1. How precious these photo’s are!
    Isn’t it wonderful to have a daughter who is your best friend for life! My Sara Felicia is 29 now, and she has been such a blessing to me from the first moment I held her in my arms.

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