Why Every Room Needs a Rug

I love home decor. There is just something about redecorating your living space that makes you feel refreshed and excited to come home. You don’t even have to completely redecorate to get this, either, as something as simple as a rug can change a room’s vibe and rugs are even more than just decor. Here are some of my picks for this spring and summer and why every room in your home needs a rug.

Why Every Room Needs a Rug

Rugs absorb sound- If you live in an apartment, or even a multi-level home, rugs can be extremely helpful in reducing noise as they are a good way to buffer, even on carpet. I like to use rugs in my most uses rooms such as the living room, to create this sound barrier. In my living room area, I think rugs that are fluffy and comfortable, such as this Serendipity Rug, which is shag style are ideal since we spend time on our floors in living rooms.

Rugs can be great for those with allergies– It used to be that doctors would recommend those with indoor and outdoor allergies get rid of carpets and rugs because the thought was they attracted allergens. This thought has gone to the wayside as more doctors and experts acknowledge that rugs and carpets actually help keep allergens from floating around in your indoor living space air. Keeping your rugs down can make it easier to do regular cleaning and if you have hardwood or vinyl floors, it can help control some of these irritants.

Rugs can extend the life of your carpet– In high traffic areas of your home, you probably notice that your carpets start to look warn much quicker and it can be hard to keep these areas clean and in good condition. A rug can be the solution to this problem by providing a nice top layer to your carpet. I like to use runner style rugs in high traffic areas such as hallways.

You can take your look with you when you move– I have been cultivating a boho style for my living room for years and one of the biggest parts of that is the rugs I choose. If I had to rely on my carpets for style, I would be out of options. With a rug, no matter where I move, my boho style can come with me and fit into my new apartment or home.

They create comfort on hardwood floors– I have lived in homes where we had these beautiful hardwood floors, but they were very cold to walk on in the winter, plus with no padding underneath, they weren’t very comfortable. Having a rug or several on your hardwood floors can be a great way to add style and comfort to them. Focus on adding rugs to places you walk most of the time, such as right when you get out of bed and in your hallways and living rooms.

How to Choose a Rug

Buy from a good source that has a guarantee- Rugs are something that are sometimes hard to envision being in a room. Make sure you shop with a store like Wovenly. They offer a wonderful 60 days risk free for you to try out a rug in your home. Returns and exchanges are made super easy with them so you can find just the right rug.

Shop with a brand that does free shipping- I should mention that rugs can be expensive to pay for shipping since they are heavy, large and bulky. Save yourself some money by shopping with a brand, such as Wovenly, that offers free shipping.

Choose a rug that will fit your space well- If you have never styled a rug before in your home, you may be confused as to what exactly to buy for style and size. Wovenly has a great rug buying guide on their site that helps you out.

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