10 Patterns for NO-SEW DIY Fabric Masks

You have probably seen that people are making all kinds of stylish and functional fabric masks these days. They are fairly easy to make if you know how to sew. Unfortunately, I am not one of those crafty people. It’s unfortunate because I have all these ideas in my head, too. I just never was very good at it even when home economics was a class I took that still existed. (Yes, I’m that old!).

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post, which is, to help you create no-sew masks of your own if you are also like me and don’t know how to sew or you simply just want something to quickly make for a run to the store or pharmacy. This will keep you from having to worry about sourcing yours own disposable masks, too, freeing them up for the healthcare industry and freeing you up from the chore.

Here are 10 patterns for no-sew face masks to help create a bunch for yourself, family and friends!

A little side note– There is lots of discussion and controversy over the protection factor of these masks and their efficiency etc. This isn’t a post that is for or against the use of these masks and I make no promises on their efficiency against any bacteria or virus, or other air pollutants. I leave it up to my readers to do their own research and make whichever ones feel safe and effective for them.

10 Patterns for NO-SEW DIY Face Masks

This simple mask from Girl, Inspired uses a T-Shirt and rubber band and is very easy to make. Check out the instructions for making a No Sew Cloth Mask from a T-Shirt.

Wobisobi also has a simple mask you can make from T-Shirt material and even talks about adding a filter. Check out the post on a no-sew easy mask to make.

Along the same theme, You Make it Simple has a diy NO SEW mask that is an upcycle on a t-shirt but seems to be very durable and can be made in 5 minutes.

Indie Crafts has an easy no-sew mask you can make from a bandanna and a couple of hair ties.

If you want something heavy duty, check out this tutorial from Repurpose and Upcycle that is similar to an N95 respirator.

If crocheting is your thing and not sewing, Crafting on the Fly has a really cute DIY Crochet Mask you can make with fabric and yarn.

You can make a mask right now if you have a clean pair of socks (new ones work best). Check out this tutorial from Totally the Bomb on how to make a mask from a sock.

Romodoc via Instructables has made a really nice NO-SEW mask with tie backs.

Heart Filled Spaces has a really nice NO-SEW Mask using iron on bonding material for those that would rather not sew.

If you have lots of leggings around, you can make a different style of NO-SEW mask with this tutorial from Yoga with Gail.


Mask Tips:

*Make sure you have several masks so that you can wear a new one when yours becomes soiled  (after a couple of hours of wear).

*Wash your masks every day, either by hand in very hot water with soap or in a washer. Dry them with heat. This helps sanitize them.

*Don’t take your mask off by grabbing the front. Instead, take off with the ear loops.

*If you need to store on the go, use a plastic baggie. Don’t just shove it into your pocket or purse.


**Please note that the images used here are stock images and do not represent any mask patterns shared.

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    1. Of course, Gail! Thanks for making a great tutorial 🙂

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