5 Ways to Help Tech-obsessed Kids Go Green

5 Ways to Help Tech Obsessed Kids Go Green

Thank you to Zig Zag Zoom and Tree Story for sponsoring today’s discussion.

In this day, it is hard to find a kid who doesn’t love all things technology, whether that be apps on their phone or tablet or new gadgets that make life easier and toys that practically come to life with technology. If you are a mom like me trying to help your kids make choices that will make our earth a better place for future generations, but finding it a little challenging to find a way to connect with them, here are some suggestions for ways to help tech-obsessed kids go green.

5 Ways to Help Tech-Obsessed Kids Go Green

1. Find games and apps that will help them relate to going green and doing things that actually help in the real world. I was recently introduced to a game called Tree Story. It is a simple free app download from Zig Zag Zoom that is a game and a real life adventure in one. Not only do kids get to play the simple game and take care of their trees, but when they get to certain points in the game, they can actually have real trees planted in specific locations of their choice! The game was easy to install and was not slow at all on my android phone, and you can also get Tree Story Free on i0s. I may even get a bit addicted to this game. (PS. it is also a partners with the US Forest Service, The American Forest Foundation and many others!)


2. Lead them to websites that offer fun ways to help them understand the importance of going green. There are many websites out there geared towards kids such as Environmental Education for Kids or Energy Kids. Most websites offer ideas on how to go green in simple ways that will get your kids excited to participate.

3. Use technology to go green at home with self care. There are so many new things out there to help kids not only do better self care at home but also save water, energy and ultimately the environment. For example, use a timer when they brush their teeth. During the time the timer is set for, tell them to shut the water off. When the timer goes off, they can turn the water back on and rinse!

tooth brush

4. Help them ‘invent’ something green using technology. This is not only a way to tear them away from technology, but help them think creatively. Even if all they ever do is come up with a wacky idea, it’s still a great activity. Get them inspired with these kid’s inventions with this article on Inhabitat on 8 Inspiring Green Kids and their Eco-Inventions.

5. Help them get their school involved using technology. Kids often will take steps to do something big if they feel like it is accessible for them. One place they spend a lot of time at is their school and this may be a perfect place to start thinking of ways to get the school involved in going green by using less paper, purchasing technology that uses less energy and so on. Help your kids use technology to reduce their carbon footprints at school!

How do you help your tech obsessed kids go green?

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