6 Smart Composting Tips for Small Space Living

Tips for Composting in Small Spaces


There is something really nice about saving money and growing a small garden even if you live in an apartment and only have a limited amount of space to work with.  If you start with composting your own leftover items and create a small, but useful soil, you can produce and grow something!  Check out these 6 smart tips to help get you going.


6 Smart Composting Tips for Small Space Living


Get the Right Container.  It’s so important to start with the right size container.  If your space and budget is limited, you can find a decent sized composting container online. Whatever you do, don’t use old containers from home such as leftover plastic containers or old pots and pans.  You should also get yourself a kitchen scrap bin to place your scraps in to be added to your bin.

Make Sure to Use Proper Storage and Odor Control.  Try to use something that has a charcoal filter to lessen the odor that composting can cause.  Also, place the container in a laundry room or on a balcony, but not too far from the kitchen so you make sure you use it daily.  An old coffee can is great to sit on the counter for smaller scraps and then you can toss them into the larger container later

Compost the Right things.  Most food scraps are okay to throw away in the container, such as vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, egg shells, or anything that you would typically just put in the trash can.

DON’T compost Some Things.  Bacon! Everything goes better with bacon doesn’t apply here. The grease will not breakdown.  Some other things that are not compostable are old books, magazines, clothing, anything plastic, or chemical based products.  Also, no animal products!  Leftover meats tend to attract rodents and some insects too.  Don’t composts leftover bones either.

Make Sure You Add Some Nitrogen to the Mix. Your composting container needs nitrogen so place some grass clippings and leaves if you can in there as well about once a week.  Keep the contents a little damp too.  Shredded newspaper works great too.  Add those coffee grounds too because the more the merrier.

Consider composting with worms. Did you know worms can actually help your compost move along faster and they are a great option for apartment composters. You can buy worms and worm kits online for a reasonable cost and the bin fits in a pantry or closet pretty easily. You can also make a worm container for composting with the instructions at Queen Bee Coupons.

No garden?  If you are not going to use your leftover compost container to start and grow your own garden or balcony garden, why not give it to someone who can use it?  After keeping things going for about 45-60 days or so (during warm weather), check out sites like Craigslist to find someone who can use it.


6 Smart Composting Tips for Small Space Living- how to compost if you live in a small dwelling or an apartment. Everyone can compost!

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