7 Essential FREE Apps for Diabetics

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably aware that the world has gone app crazy. There are apps for just about anything you could imagine. I just recently, within the past year, started using some diabetic apps. Here is a list of top 10 apps that you should download to help manage your world with diabetes. Rather than link to the apps, just search what is bolded so you can find it on whatever platform you need it for.

7 essential free apps for diabetics

7 Essential FREE Apps for Diabetics


Glucose Buddy is a free app for apple and android users that I use every day. It helps me track my weight, blood pressure, glucose readings, medications and even food. I find the charts and tracking of medication and blood sugar readings most useful and it features a wonderful reminder system that allows you to set your own alerts for remembering to take meds or readings.

Social Diabetes is an app that allows you to track your progress, but also save all of your info to the cloud so you can connect with others and share recipes, tips and advice.

Diabetes Plus lets you track your readings and even send them to your Doctor! You can set your own target ranges and even PDF export your data so you can print it off.

Out of Milk is not specifically a diabetic app but it is very useful in managing it. You can create shopping lists that help you track sales as well as set up personal reminders. It stores what items you have added to the list to create future lists as well.

Medisafe is a great app if you want reminders set for medications. It not only helps you remember with alerts, but will also alert those you set it up for if you forget to take your meds.

Moves is a really neat smart phone app. If you are trying to make a goal of walking more, this app will essentially turn your phone into a pedometer! You can track your steps, miles and days exercised as well as reach goals.

Calorie Counter from MyFitnessPal is great for knowing the carb count, fat content and protein for any foods you are eating. It also helps you track them.

Carb Counting with Lenny is designed for children learning to manage their diabetes, but it is also a very fun tool for adults as well who may just be starting out on learning about carb counting.


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  1. Thanks for ur information i need It these all are great Apps

  2. […] There are many free apps for diabetics out there that can help you manage your blood sugar and disease. Make sure to check out my list of 7 free apps for diabetics. […]

  3. Thanks for the info. I use Health2Sync which records blood glucose readings, weight and blood pressure. It’s user friendly and has all the typical options you need to record food, exercise among others. I love the “dashboard” and progress graphs for weight and blood pressure. It also shows high and low reading alerts for BS and BP. I use it daily for all three functions but particularly for blood sugar and weight control.

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