8 Foods to Indulge in as a Diabetic

8 foods to indulge in as a diabetic

It might surprise you, but diabetes does not mean you have to stay away from all food like it is a poison.  There are some really great foods to indulge in as a diabetic and some even help you manage your blood sugar!


8 Foods to Indulge in as a Diabetic


Cinnamon– Cinnamon has some amazing effects on some people when it comes to managing blood sugar. It can actually help you if you eat it daily to keep your numbers in check. So make sure to sprinkle it wherever you can. It tastes great on cereal, in coffee and even just on some fresh fruit.

Oats– If you like oatmeal, you are in luck. While you may not think oats are a good thing to eat as a diabetic, they are actually a great way to start your day because they contain a lot of fiber that helps break down carbs in your system over a longer period and allowing your body to digest them easier.

Greens– While some vegetables can be high in carbs (think corn, squash and potatoes), others are very low in them and like oats, contain a lot of fiber to help you manage your sugar levels. Good choices include spinach and green beans.

Seafood– Salmon and seafood are amazing for a diabetic diet. They contain omega-3’s which are great for heart health. Since many diabetics suffer from heart disease related conditions, it’s a good idea to load up on these meats at meals as they don’t contain hardly any carbs and are high in protein.

Berries– Berries are the best fruit snack you can enjoy as a diabetic because out of all fruits, they contain the fewest amount of carbs and also have a lot of healthy fiber.

Beans– These are carbs, but they are complex carbs so they won’t raise your levels as fast as a piece of bread would. They also are fiber-full and will help your body digest any carbs you eat with them. Beans are great for stretching out meat in meals as well, so they really help budgets.

Plain yogurt– Yogurt contains a good amount of protein to balance out the carbs in it so it can help you stay full longer while controlling your blood sugar levels. This is a great snack mid-morning! Be sure to not get the sweetened kind as it contains a lot of sugar. Instead, if you really hate the taste of plain yogurt, add in some berries.

Avocado– While many people shy away from it, avocado is actually a great fat to have since it contains the heart healthy monounsaturated kind. Plus, it has been shown in some diabetics that a diet with many monounsaturated fats and complex carbs can actually help with management of the disease.


What are some of your favorite foods to indulge in as a diabetic?

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  1. I like that you post information about what diabetics can eat!! This is a very good post. I give my Dad avocados, I knew they were good for diabetics. I also make him oatmeal, seafood, berries and yogurt. Since my Dad is diabetic, it makes me eat healthier because I make his meals. I eat a lot healthy food.

    1. I added a whole section of diabetic recipes and information post to my blog in January. Just click through to them on the top navigation. So glad this info is useful to you!

      1. Oh thank you! I did not know this.

  2. These foods are tried and tested on my mother who is a diabetic patient. It really works.

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