Broadway Nails imPRESS press-on Manicure

I love false nails. I am a nail-biter so it is hard for me to grow out my own natural nails.Since I don’t have the money very often to go get a set of acrylics put on, I rely on store bought nail kits.

Broadway nails has come out with a new line of products called imPRESS. The idea is that it is a press-on nail that will last up to a week.

I loved the packaging of this product. The nails came in a plastic “bottle” that looked like nail polish.

To apply, you peel back the tab, press it down and voila!

I did think they stayed on OK, not great, but the edges kept wanting to come up and stuff easily got stuck under them, unlike the glue on nails I have tried in the past.

I would say these would be good for a special occasion, but not really to go with everyday wear. This would be great for younger girls as well as they are not harsh on nails. They would also be good for those that work in an industry that doesn’t allow false of long nails on special occasions for day use. I do not find these very durable.

I did notice, even that largest size nail was too small for my thumb. To be fair, I do have larger hands, but I have never had a problem finding a fit in other kits.

I was given imPRESS to try from

To find out more about imPRESS and see the selection of colors and patterns available, go to

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