How to Clean Grease with Lemons


One of my biggest nemesis is grease in my kitchen. I have no hood over my stove, due to the space in there and my landlady not installing one. The grease covers my walls and around my stove pretty badly. It gets cooked on and it is nearly impossible to remove.


In an effort to go more green with my cleaning techniques, I decided to try something that made sense to me. I was unsure it would work, but to my surprise, it worked.

Do you know lemons can remove grease? I didn’t either!


How to Clean Grease with Lemons


The process is simple. Just slice a lemon in half and rub it along the spots where there is grease. Allow it to soak in and come back with a magic eraser (the generic brand ones work great as well!). Make sure you test small areas first as some paints will actually come off with magic erasers or bleach out with the lemons.

A little elbow grease (no pun intended!) and your wall goes from this:

To this:

That grease was very caked on there and a lot of it was from previous tenants that lived there before we made our own mess. This apartment is very old and the home sits on a foundation from the turn of the last century. While it is not perfect, it is definitely an improvement and no commercial cleaner could get that off without being too abrasive so I am very pleased with these results.

UPDATE: We no longer live at this apartment, but I thought I should re-post this article as I have had folks ask me about natural cleaning methods a lot lately. I know the images here are not deal and wish I could retake them.

Some other uses for lemons include using them directly on hard water spots, freshening the garbage disposal and just general cleaning. Lemons are almost a magic weapon against lots of different types of cleaning annoyances. This may be why many of our modern cleaning products are often lemon scented. How do you use lemons when you clean?


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