Crayon Rocks


If you are looking for a fun and innovative way to help your child be creative on paper, make sure you check out Crayon Rocks!

Crayon Rocks are soy-based crayons in the fun shape of rocks. They are colored with mineral pigments. I love how environmentally friendly these are!

My 9 year old artist daughter loved the Crayon Rocks and couldn’t wait to draw with them.  She had a blast! She said the colors were easy to grip and they glided on the paper easily. She loved how they were shaped.

I noticed when testing them myself that some of the colors were really bright while others, you had to press harder to get the desired vibrancy. I suspect this is because of the soy-based/natural pigment formula.

Crayon Rocks are specifically shaped this way so they strengthen the tripod grip muscles. This helps with holding a pen and with handwriting skills later.

I also love how Crayon Rocks are recommended to children who have developmental delays. The shape of the color and texture it provides has been shown to help develop skills in special needs children.

Crayon rocks are available in several size bags and colors. We tested the 8 color Spring set, the 16 colors in a bag and the 8 color treasure bag. Prices range from $4.45-$6.99. There is a bulk price list as well for classrooms.

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