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Comments are very welcome on any posts on my blog. However, it must be understood that I reserve the right not to allow certain comments if they are hateful towards race, religion, sexual orientation, sex, or otherwise.

I do like a good debate once in a while and as long as comments made can be kept civil, debates are allowed and encouraged.

Please understand that the author of this blog is not responsible for any harm of any comments left on the blog. The author of this blog is not responsible for the intention of any commenter.

Thanks for visiting! I love comments and make it a point to regularly comment back and answer any questions you have!

UPDATE 5/30/13:

Comments made on this blog must not be spammy in nature. In other words, things like “Thanks for the giveaway”, “I want to win this” and so on are not going to be approved. Google recently updated their policy on ranking websites and they included that spammy comments are considered low quality content, so if you are entering from a giveaway and you do not include quality comments that are 2-3 sentences, your comment will not be approved and you will forfeit that entry. Please understand that I LOVE comments on my blog, however, I must stick with Google’s policies regarding this.

If you wish to mail me privately with commentary, please email me at

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