Easy Ways to Start on a Path of Zero Waste

Ashley is sharing tips on how to start a zero waste lifestyle with small changes.

On average, every single person in the U.S. alone creates 4.4 pounds of trash per day, adding up to 2.6 TRILLION pounds per year ! That’s a lot of trash! Let’s face it; living a zero waste life isn’t going to just happen overnight. You can’t go from 1 million pounds of trash a year to zero in one night. It just isn’t gonna happen. However, every little change you make drastically improves the environment for years to come. So, start small and work your way to the zero waste lifestyle. I recommend starting with just a few of these tips a months until you get into a habit.

Easy Ways to Start on the Path of Zero Waste

1. Replace paper towels with reusable rags.
2. Use reusable sandwich bags for lunches.
3. Always eat your food on reusable dishes. If you need to have toss-aways, get these biodegradable plates.
4. Check out Natural Loofah Sponges.
5. Buy items in bulk. The more you buy at one time the less container trash you have.
6. Eat your leftovers and if you can’t, start a compost in your backyard. If you live in a small space, check out my tips for small space composting.
7. Buy second hand clothes, and fix or repair clothes before throwing them away. I have included some great tips for looking for thrift clothes.
8. Bring your own lunches to work in reusable storage containers. I like to meal plan and then take them in these. They are also great for kid’s bento boxes.
9. Go digital. Get bills via email, take notes on the computer, and stop using paper. Here are some more tips for reducing paper clutter.
10. Get a coffee maker with a reusable filter. My husband has been using the aeropress for years. You can even buy reusable aeropress filters.
11. Skip bottled water and start using reusable water bottles. I find Hydroflask wide mouth ones are the best. You can add ice to them easier.
12. Always bring your own grocery bags to the grocery store.
13. Reuse containers such as laundry soap buckets, squirt bottles, and jars.
14. Recycle everything and anything. Find your local recycling place if you need to.
15. Eat food that doesn’t come in packaging or be conscious of how much things are packaged in.

Disposable may be easier, but it is destroying our planet in an outrageous magnitude. Living a zero waste lifestyle is one step towards creating a better world for you and your family.
How are you working towards a zero waste lifestyle? Share some tips and success stories in the comments below!

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